Spying Vampires by Hontonnu Moses


Written by Hontonnu Moses​

You wouldn’t know until you are told that it exists, a parasite that is gallivanting everywhere especially within the political sphere, where its primary aim is never to envision their country’s development, but speculating or proffering dishonest means for their friends, kin or their godsons in government offices or positions in a bid to amass enormous wealth at the detriment of the hoi polloi ( the masses), they are the people we refer to in this context as ‘SPYING VAMPIRES’.

These spying Vampires may be political experts or political looters, they know everything about the country’s historical background, they know the economic strength, they already know those candidates that are likely to be elected into political offices, they also go an extra mile to confuse ambitious candidates to step down for those candidates they endorse. Very sardonic!

Logically, this implies that the major aim of these SPYING VAMPIRES is not really to be a political gladiators or to hold any political seat, but a political and economic consultant or godfather, searching for where manners or national resources are hiding in every nook and cranny in their country, advising their friends, relatives or their godsons in political offices on how to embezzle or amass all of these resources to become their own,  and automatically, they would also have their own share or percent. Lack of empathy!

One of the devilish parts of these SPYING VAMPIRES in any country is that, they are strictly self-centered, and they don’t want you to disappoint them at any time, and if you do, you would definitely pay for your deviancy, and whenever you are called upon you should answer and accept their wish or all of their demands without thinking about its detriment or how hazardous it would become on lives, implying that, they are the one ruling the government not that individual you see, he or she is only a figurehead who is there to serve his bosses because he has allowed them to influence him. Very exasperating!

The spying Vampires are more than the Satan himself because they would never want people to know them, and if they do, they will only present themselves as hornest and humble individuals as if that's what they are in the real life.
In the family circles, churches, mosques, organisations, or firms, in the school they are there spying at your progress, want to empty you, and wanting to make people see you as a bad person without knowing that you are the messiah God has assigned to deliever them.  They are also a parasite or predator looting the country’s resources. Very Callous!

The spying Vampires are everywhere in the world today be it in the ancient and modern societies, however, it’s important to note that they are not only restricted to a particular country but they exist everywhere in the world. Some of these SPYING VAMPIRES are debilitated in term of extending their devilish power in a bid to give destructive advice to their godsons or kin in government offices, and this is as a result of the strength of their country’s constitution, where the rule of law is highly respected and strengthened, they find it so difficult to extend their devilish power or influence, while some spying vampires in some other countries are very powerful as the constitution is nowhere to be found, implying that, they can do anything with no one questioning their unscrupulous acts. The spying Vampires are powerful more the president, if the president of their country misbehaves, he can be punished in a very hard way. Very interesting!

The Conceptual clarification of VAMPIRE
VAMPIRE is often described as bloated and of reddish or dark countenance, a deadly and devilish predator or parasite that devours or harms lives. In other words, it’s a predator called vampire, a creature from folklore that lives or survives by feeding on the vital essence (generally in the form of blood) of the living. They go ahead to visit their loved ones and cause harm or hazard on them or within the society of man.
V- Vector
A-Addict massacres
I- Intruder
R-Repellent natures
E- Evil-doer

Spying Vampire is characterized with inhuman attitudes that are brutal. Spying Vampires are ubiquitous, gallivanting everywhere in search of comfort zone, and where to colonize or extend their destructive influence.

The most destructive aspect of this is that they are our intimate friends with whom we shared confidential discussions, and with the view of expecting good counsels or advice, but most of these advice are so precarious or detrimental. Meaning, they can betray you, and outwardly they put on the human flesh but inwardly they are roaring lion that devours even their loved ones at the expense of their self-interest. More importantly, we can see the spying vampire in the so-called family, in the political arena, in the religious gatherings, in the school, in our place of work or any organisation or firm they are everywhere like MTN.

More importantly, If they continue to spy at the good of the land, without anyone putting an end to their negative influence, then we are only accommodating dangers, because they will continue to disguise and we would find it so difficult to control them, meaning evil authority lies in them. The Spying Vampire! a  venomous set of people. Beware of them.