The Go Ahead



(Seyi and Kunle standing at the front of the church premises after service)

Seyi: Dear God am waiting on you, just give me the go ahead.
Kunle: the go ahead for what?
Seyi: have you not noticed that in the children department they don't have enough Bibles and outlines for service.
Kunle: really!
Seyi: yes, and have been praying to God to give me the go ahead, so I can use my next salary to get Bibles and outlines for the children
Kunle: I don't understand explain to me
Seyi: you know the Bible said we should seek God first and acknowledge him in all our ways and he will direct our path.
Kunle: yes, I see, I see, so you are waiting to hear the audible voice of God telling you to buy Bible for the children department.
Seyi: yes oh!
Kunle: you know what sister Seyi , you are a very good Christian and you love the Lord but there are some things you need to understand.
Seyi: things like what?
Kunle: what were you doing when you discovered the need in the children department.
Seyi: I was on a three days fasting and prayer, I was praying to God for financial increase, on the Sunday after I broke my fast I overheard the children leader and the pastor talking about it and since then have been worried.
Kunle: you see what am saying .
Seyi: brother please what are you saying.
Kunle: God speaks in so many ways, you may not hear any audible voice but God has already spoken, sister Seyi God has spoken to you already stop waiting for another go ahead.
Seyi: are you sure?
Kunle: you better be fast before God uses someone else like me.
 Give and it shall be given unto you good measure press down and shaken together shall men give unto your bossom.

     Luke 6:38.