NOVELVIRUS - Dr Kay and the Conspirators.


                   (#Ihaveafather edition)

      July 2nd
     Federal Health Research Institute 
     Dr Kay’s Laboratory.

(Dr Kay sat in his laboratory with Emily bewildered with the sudden news of fresh cases of Covid-19, that his blood made drugs could not prevent, his drug was now being administered in high dose to terribly sick covid-19 patients, Dr Kay could not place his mind on where he missed it, especially Dr Ben who spent several nights going over the antidote formular)

Dr Kay: (deep in thoughts) why can’t this drug prevent the new cases of this virus, I thought my blood helped me prevent my own, maybe its not the drug, maybe its the virus, it is constantly upgrading itself, what kind of virus would upgrade itself, this is purely man made, someone out there is recreating variations of this virus and it has to stop.
(calls Dr Ben’s office) Sir can I come to your office, I just discovered something new. 
Dr Ben: of course you can.
 Emily: so what did you discover?
Dr Kay: come with me to Dr Ben’s office.
( Emily and Kay walks to Dr Ben’s office)

Federal Health Research Institute
Dr Ben’s Office

Dr Ben: so what are your findings
Dr Kay:  if my blood pills cannot prevent the fresh cases of the virus but it prevented mine, it means this virus is a new or better still and old virus in a new form, the human cells is suppose to develop resistance not the virus upgrading itself. Which means that someone out there is upgrading the virus.
Dr Ben:  whoa, brilliant, its time we fish them out, human lives are in danger.
Emily: maybe this virus is like the virus that affects our phones, desktops and laptops, so there is always another version.
Dr Ben: we need to find a way to quickly stop those who are developing and upgrading this virus.
Dr Kay: but wait, what if my blood can be upgraded too.
 (Dr Ben and Emily burst into laughter)
Emily: what if? It can’t my dear.
Dr Ben: Remember it took your father 20 years to develop this type of blood
Dr Kay: what if I get the tea in large quantity can we produce something to treat the current patient while we think of stopping the virus from the top.
Dr Ben: that’s a good idea but you’ll have to go to your home town, safe trip.
     (Dr Kay and Emily leaves Dr Ben’s office some minutes later)

In the Hallway outside Dr Ben’s Office before Dr Kay’s Laboratory

Emily: (on their way) I am thinking this virus is a windows that was installed, you know like this invisible computer windows.
Dr Kay: whoa (smiling) tell me more, its making sense.
Emily: (she continues) and its somewhere in the air we breathe, like invisble codes,once we breathe it comes into our respiratory organs and begin to attack our lungs,if we treat a version the developers can upgrade the virus to another version, and we will need more and more pills which of course has its own side effect.
Dr Kay: then we don’t need pills any more we need an ANTI-VIRUS and we also need to stop the developers, this is insane.
Emily: you know what am thinking,lets take the battle to their gates, lets hack into their system and completely shut it down.
Dr Kay: how are we sure its a system?
Emily: Dr Kay, it is, trust me when I say its a system, this is very hard but we are going to do it.
Dr kay: I know just a little about hacking.
Emily: I know a little too, the buttom line is we change all the codes to codes that we cannot remember. This whole thing is too bad to be that careful
Dr Kay: we will do that when I come back from my hometown.
Emily: can’t I go with you.
Dr Kay: you want to come? Let’s go.

3 Days Later
Federal Health Research Institute 
Dr Kay’s Laboratory. 

(After creating the upgraded pills, Dr Kay sat in his laboratory, with his head looking up to God, why on earth will people think of something as dangerous as this)

(Emily walks in staring at Dr Kay)
Emily: take me seriously on this one from now on we keep our work in covid-19 private.
Dr Kay: why?
Emily: I heard the conspirators are very wealthy, they even paid the rich and the government of countries to spread the virus, it came came in brief case and plastic bags. So we can't trust anyone including Dr Ben.

Dr Kay: but what do they really want? This is insane.
Emily: nothing more than WORLD POWER, let me see how they will get it when we successfully hack into their system this night.
Dr kay: I hope we are not using this laboratory, I don’t trust anything here again.
Emily: (sends him an address via text message) that’s a safe address. 

August 10
Eddy’s Office.

(Dr Kay knocks on the door, not too sure of the address, Emily opens with a smile)

Emily: (inside the office, filled with desktops and computer parts) welcome to my brother’s office, his name is Eddy (to Eddy) meet the famous Dr Kay.
Dr Kay: good evening, please to meet you
Eddy: good evening Sir, you are welcome Sir.
Dr Kay: can we begin work?
(The three sat down as they began to access the codes to the big systems where covid-19 has been programmed, just in the middle of accessing the codes , the picture of three famous men appeared on screen)

Dr Kay: oh no, I hope they cannot see us.
Eddy: no these are the systems
Emily & Dr Kay: what!!!
Eddy: (turns the camera on screen to see a region on their foreheads and palms) that is where they inserted the microchips, the system is being controlled from their brains and its all about what they are thinking and operating.
Emily: I knew it, how then do they come up with new versions
Eddy: they just think of it and press LAUNCH.
Dr Kay: I can’t believe this, we need to shut it down immediately
Eddy: it may cause severe brain damage to them
Emily: what they have caused cannot be compared to what will happen to them.
Dr Kay: how do we shut it down.
Eddy: I will turn on three system and connect each of the big system to each of them, then we will have to type random codes till the green light (pointing to their foreheads) turns red, once we start, we cannot stop, we cannot use the bathroom, we cannot stop typing, the code in their system is connected to almost the entire world population, its a big job and am enthusiastic about it. I believe they have a team but we are just three.
Dr Kay: no we are four, there is a fourth man, Jesus.
Emily: (smiles) yes I believe, we need to believe
Dr kay: In fact, God the father, the Son and the HolySpirit,the twenty-four  elders and all the angels are on our side, this night we are shutting this devilish systems down, its now or never.
Eddy: okay, lets go.
Dr Kay: and we have a father who is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance, this is the work of the devil and it must stop. Let us say THE LORD’S PRAYER.
(the three say the lord’s prayer holding hands together)
Eddy: remember, no stopping, till we see the red lights.
 (the three began to battle with the three big systems, at first it was easy but as soon as the three system began to respond and fight back, it became tiring, but they had to stay glued to their job typing codes which they could not remember but it only became worse)
Emily: we need to stop its not working!
Dr Kay: no don’t stop try the code I HAVE A FATHER.
Eddy: what! That's not even a code.
Dr Kay: just do it for me please.
  (surprisingly the code I HAVE A FATHER began to work, it was like a miracle, it was even easier, in no time, the three system turned red, but unfortunately for the three men they gave up the ghost.)
Eddy: this is incredible!
Emily: its another mark!
Dr Kay: I can’t believe we shut down covid-19 totally,lets all breathe fresh air now. We have a father that can do all things. We need to celebrate this.

 LUKE 11:2
“And he said unto them, when ye pray,say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done,as in heaven,so in earth.