NOVELVIRUS.- The Antidote (part 2)

Federal Health Research Institute
August 23
(Dr Kay sat in his new laboratory at the Federal Health Research Institute,Abuja, this was the laboratory where he worked along with Dr Ben to produce the pills created with his blood sample, it was a mark, an achievement after 35years of battling with Covid-19, these 35years now looked like 35days in Kay's eyes. All these years was now behind, gone and forgotten.
Dr Kay was awarded an honorary Doctor title for finding the cure to COVID-19, little did he know that his achievement was nothing compared to what was to be revealed.
 Dr Kay phone rings, Dr Ben was on the line) 

Dr Ben:. Kay, how are you doing, I need to see you at my house, will that be possible today?
Kay: yes sir, I will be there in the next thirty minutes
   (Kay hurried out of his laboratory only to bump into Emily at the hallway).
Emily:  Good afternoon, you must be Dr Kay, I was just coming to your office, am new around here and have been instructed to meet you for work directions.
Kay:. (recognizes Emily) your face looks familiar, have I seen you before?
Emily:. (smiles) I don't know but my name is Emily.
Kay: (shocked) Emily... Can you remember me from your school?
Emily: (shook her head) No sir, who exactly...
Kay: (interrupting her) there's no problem, I have a meeting with Dr Ben, the chief medical laboratory Director, so we see when I get back.
Emily: I think your voice sounds familiar now (smiles)
Kay: (smiles) we see when I get back.

           August 23 
            Maitama, Abuja

(Dr Kay drives straight to Kiloman Benjamin Estate, Maitama, where Dr Ben lived with his wife and only daughter, Blessing, there was no longer lockdown and the road was as busy as usual. After the warm reception, Dr Ben began his long speech)

Dr Ben: Kay, I called you to my house not for official purpose but for personal reasons, I know how your parents died, and since they died, I have been feeling guilty, a part of me feels responsible, infact I think I made you an orphan.
Kay:. Sir, I don't think so...
Dr Ben: that's why (continues) I want you to become my son, I have only one daughter and my wife and I have always wanted a son.
Kay:. Sir if that's it, I am already your son.
Dr Ben:. No, I want it formally, I want it on paper, look at everything my wife and I have acquired who will look after it when we are gone, I want to call my lawyer, if it's okay by you,  and ask him to commence the process of your Adoption.
Kay:. (Shocked) Adoption?
Dr Ben: I can give you time to think about it.
Kay: Time? From my experience thus far, I think time is but some digit counting only when we fail to realise that the time is now. I accept wholeheartedly and I know my parents will be pleased where ever they are.
Dr Ben: thank you my son, Blessing will be glad to have you as a brother this time around for real.

  August 23

(Dr Kay drives into his house in Oakland estate, maitama, it's been a long day, with Dr Ben, his wife ,Blessing and Emily, Kay spent sometime to think in his car as he drove into his garage, so Dr Ben had been trying to make it up to him, no wonder he had gotten him an apartment not too far from his own estate, he had gotten him a new laboratory and he had been supporting him whole heatedly since he came out of his hiding, now he wanted him to inherit his Estate, Kay was already satisfied with his own father and mother's estate, but he did not want to turn Dr Ben down seeing he was trying to purge his conscience.
That day Dr Kay called Cyrus and Sofia, Emily Office attendants to inform her that he would be meeting her again to discuss a very important issue by 9:00am on a fixed day.

May 22nd
Federal Health Research Institute, Abuja
Dr Kay's Laboratory.

(Emily and Kay have now become friends, and Kay was already thinking of how to take their friendship to the next level, in Kay's Laboratory they were working on a project called HEART, it was Emily's project and Kay's Laboratory was in use, Kay had supported Emily's project from the beginning, especially since he kept on recalling the incident that occurred before the out break of COVID-19 which was now over, he also recalled how Emily reminded him of finding the cure to COVID-19).

Dr Kay: why did you name your project HEART, it makes it sound like a movie title
Emily: what is a movie, a collection of the pictures of someone else's project displayed on screen.
Dr Kay: (smiles) I like the natural ability you have to define everything.
Emily: and heart is the definition of how human beings can control their thoughts and actions by themselves.
Dr Kay: without God?
Emily: with or without God!
Dr Kay: I don't think so
Emily:. HEART will prove it!
Dr Kay:. HEART cannot prove it, HEART will fail
Emily: let's see then, it's all happening in your laboratory and you won't just be a spectator, you'll get to participate.
Dr Kay: I can't wait to see the end of HEART.

     Romans 8:28
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose"

     THE END.