NOVELVIRUS - The Antidote

    NOVELVIRUS   The Antidote

October 22nd 2006
Prince Ali Farmland

(Prince Ali sitting under the shade of the Gaint Northern Tea Tree on his father's farmland recalled how some years ago he stood by his Father's Lawyer on the same land as he read out from his father's will as required by the court his exclusive ownership of the land which belonged to him as the only son of his father, his uncles had wanted to retrieve his father's land because Prince Ali was still 20 years of Age when his father died, they took the case to court, after hearing the case, the court adjorned the delivery of the judgement to the day before his 21st birthday, the court held in his favour that he was of age, the court also moved to the land and asked the lawyer to read out the portion of the land and a surveyor was appointed to show Prince Ali the boundaries as he would need to know what was his, for Prince Ali that was a miracle he will never forget in his life and he would be forever grateful to the God of heaven who was his voice.)
James: ( james walks briskly towards prince Ali, he was still sitting under the shade of the tea Tree on the farmland) Ali, Ali, I have news for you, two good news and one bad news
Ali:  (Afraid) Am not sure if I want to hear it... just say it
James: remember Claudia, the one who took too much of the drugs you gave her, she is still alive that's the first news ( Prince Ali smiles in relief), the second news is that she just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
Ali: (happily) Great news!, so who's the father
James: that's the bad news, you know my mum is Claudia's supervisor at the clinic, she said Claudia told her that you are the father of her baby.
Ali: No way! what!
James: (staring at Ali in amazement) Walter! so she is not suppose to be pregnant right?, she is not telling you anyway, she is keeping it a secret and she is transfering to the Federal Health Research Institute, Abuja.
Ali: No! you know since my mother joined my father two months ago, i have decided to change my ways, since then i have been attending mass at the cathedral, i have even confessed all my sins to God and Reverend Father Henry, i thought God had forgiven all my sins.
James: of course he has, but i think he wants to see if you'll behave like a forgiven son and go and claim your child.
 Ali: i can't do that! No
James: think about it.

January 12 2007
GraceLands Teaching Hospital

(Prince Ali walked into GraceLands Teaching Hospital to see his doctor, for years he had been treating his blood disease which he developed when he was 20 years from too much consumption of the Northern Tea, for two months he had frequently visited the hospital, it wouldn't have been this bad if he was not also a drug addict and acholic before now, Prince Ali and Claudia eyes met as she walked out of the ward, Ali was shocked, he thought she had transfered to the federal capital territory, Claudia immediately gave him a stern look, she quickly walked into her department store, Prince Ali followed her immediately)
Claudia: what are you doing here, I said I never wanted to see you again, I said this was over 
Ali: of course it is over, but I know about my son
Claudia: which son? the one you almost killed?
Ali: My Son! he is my son right?
Claudia: He is not your son Prince Ali, because I did not choose you to be his father.
Ali: what do you mean?
Claudia: I mean what I said, leave now! (Claudia shouting at the top of her voice) before i scream for help
Ali: this is not over (Ali walks out in the manner and same direction with which he came)

October 21 2019
Federal Health Research Institute Staff Quarters
Claudia's House

(Claudia sits over the microscope in her home laboratory, while Kay her 13 years old son sat in the living room watching the midday news, Claudia was a laboratory scientist, when she met Prince Ali they were both students at the GraceLands High School, Ali was the son of the richest farmer in town and she was just a girl who was lucky to live with her uncle, Ali was rude and spoilt but she was from a humble background, till date Claudia herself could not explain how she fell for him,he was an unexplainable mistake.)
Kay:(watching the news) Mum, the virus is now in Nigeria
Claudia: yes Kay. don't worry we'll be fine
Kay: are you sure, Tony just came back from the UK where he spent his holiday with his parents, remember a man on their plane had the virus, something tells me Tony will come to school with that virus.
Claudia: (Laughs) you are scared
Kay: not really, i don't want to want to resume school tomorrow, i have a very bad feeling about Tony and tomorrow.
Claudia: Kay teenagers have really low chances of contacting the virus and you know you are covered with the blood of Jesus.

October 22nd 2019
Claudia's House

(its morning, Kay turns on the TV , he is still having his pajamas on, he walks back to the dinning table only to find it empty maybe his mum had forgotten his birthday as this was unusual, normally there will be at least a huge piece of cake toped with fresh icing on the table)
Reporter on TV: everyone is talking about the virus which invaded earth on October 1st 2019, for Nigerians it was really, really, sad because this virus would be celebrated along side her independence, currently over 100 persons have tested positive for the virus and an estimate of 3620 persons have come in contact with carriers of the virus, 2 deaths has been recorded so far, (the voice of the female press worker kept buzzing over the TV as Kay was now in the bathroom brushing his teeth) Nigerians have taken this virus lightly and have taken to their social media handles to make mockery of those who have contacted the virus,many specifically mentioned that the virus is for the rich and not the poor, religious activists have called upon prominent Christian ministers to do their spiritual duty of laying hands on the sick, saying Jesus will do same. As preventive measures the Federal Government is making a move to enforce a 3 months lock down starting from November 1st 2019-February 1st 2020... ( Kay walks back in his school uniform) the federal government has designated the Federal Health Research Institute Hospital as the central Hospital for treating victims...
Claudia: Kay turn off the TV you going to be late for school (Kay turns off the TV)
  ( Claudia walks in from her room holding in her hands a very big cake decorated with balloons and ribbons)
happy birthday!!!....i was up all night because i wanted you to celebrate your 13th year birthday with your friends, I called your class instructor already.
Kay: thanks mum(smiling), but what if Tony Spreads the virus during the celebration.
Claudia: (faking a smile) Kay, you are no longer a child, what if Tony does not even have the virus, and even if he has the virus, you are covered with the blood of Jesus and no virus is coming into your body.
   ( few minutes later Claudia and Kay leaves the house, Claudia drops Kay at school and drove back to her office).

Same Day 

(Kay was lucky to be attending one of the biggest schools in the federal capital territory, with his mother's child care allowance and being the only child, it was his privilege, he was raised with the rich and as an only son he behaved like the rich, Kay was already late for school but this meant nothing as he would only not be allowed to go out during break, he will be forced to read his books, this was the punishment for late comers and most late comers were already use to it, however that will not even happen today as he will be celebrating his birthday at the same time, Kay walked into his class majestically).
Class: happy birthday!!! (the whole class screamed as Kay walked in including Tony his seatmate, Tony smiled at him but Kay struggled to smile back)
  (Exactly 20 minutes into technical drawing class,Tony started coughing and sneezing seriously)
Kay: (without wasting time) are you sure you don't have the virus?
(the whole class turned to Tony including the class instructor expecting a reply)
Tony: i don't know if I have it, but my daddy and mummy have it already.
Class: and you came to school?!
   (the news gave rise to a pandemonium, Kay's heart was already beating too fast, some students began to cough almost instantly,others started crying and consoling Tony, three more students coughed into kay's face and gradually everything became blur, Kay stood up to use the bathroom as he felt like throwing up, but before he took his third step he fell back on the floor fainting almost immediately).

October 22nd 2054

(Kay had woken up somwhere else in another school, the only problem was some of the faces were looking familiar and everyone wore a lab coat, just as Kay was trying to understand his new enviroment,Emily arrived with a squad of students in lab coats)
Emily:  Kay don't just sit there remeber you have to tell us how to cure COVID-19 today, or else we'll be in trouble.
Kay: (Looked at Emily in confusion, she was not even looking familiar) Emily dragged him into the big laboratory with other students, their teachers and supervisors were already sitted)
Emily: Good morning, school supritendent, teachers, supervisors, senior students,junior students and my colleagues, my name is Emily Brown. As part of our science project for this year my team and I decided to come up with the antidote for the most common and popular virus in history, a virus that have only been prevented with no cure for years, prevention they say is better than cure, but we know we need a cure to this virus, after two months of trial and failures we decided to pick another virus but it was already too late, and by now three of us had already contacted the virus, two of our team members died in the course of this research, may their soul rest in peace, however we have one survivor, Prince Kay Ali and he came up with the antidote, (the spectators begins to clap) please put your hands together for Prince Kay Ali as he comes up to give us his findings (more clap)
Kay: (smiling in amazement)
      (Kay gave a powerful speech on COVID-19 and presented the cure, which gave rise to a standing ovation, his team won the science competition for that year)

Same Day
0ctober 22nd 2019

(The emergency bus stopped in the hospital section and Kay, Tony and others where rushed into the wards where victims where kept, Claudia had stormed the ward soon after)
Claudia: my son does not have that virus
Nurse:  Claudia, please calm down, when we run the tests, we will find out
   (Claudia paced up and down the hospital waiting for the good news that Kay was free to go home)
   (in the Medical Laboratory)
Dr Ben: (looking at the test result) you said the boy sat close to the carrier all day
Dr Felix: yes he did, i was told he fainted, he was rushed here unconscious.
Dr Ben: but he is negative, fainting is not a symptoms remember, i think he should go home and continue with self isolation.
Dr Felix: that's not a bad idea, but the virus may just be taking its time, remember he is young and it also took the carrier 1 month to manifest the first symptoms
Dr Ben: yes, teenagers react differently to this virus but this boy's lung killed the virus in few minutes, we have even relocated him to the critical area of the ward, so he could inhale more, he still killed the virus
Dr Felix: what? how can you do that.
Dr Ben: if we don't, how do we find the cure, what if he is the cure?
Dr Felix: i don't think he his, he his just a lucky chap, let him go home.
 (Dr Ben calls Claudia to his office)
Dr Ben: your son is doing great, he has tested negative trice, but he is still unconscious, i have decided to discharge him but you will have to keep him in isolation, I want you to know that the government through the institute have decided to place him under close watch for the next few months, his response to the virus is very peculiar.

October 25 2019

(when Claudia heard government, she knew Ben was not safe anymore, with the virus taking more and more lives, the government could do anything to find a cure, she quickly began to plan on how she would relocate her son to somewhere safe, 
Kay lying on his bed,with his mother by his side, he gradually opened his eyes, he had been on the bed since he came back from the hospital,getting up only once in a while)
Claudia: Kay, you don't have the virus, you just have to be strong, and guess what Tony is recovering quickly, don't live in fear, you are God's child, you have nothing to be afraid of.
Kay: (ignoring his mother's admonition) Mum, am I Prince Kay Ali?
Claudia: No you are Kay Moses.
Kay: did i find the cure to COVID-19 in 2054?
Claudia: Kay! how am i suppose to know that, this is 2019
   (Claudia took a deep breathe, she must now act fast, she has been making her findings and Kay and his father was in the middle of it)
Kay: Mum, what are you not saying
Claudia: Ben saw it coming, this lock down won't be for just three months it may last forever, this virus is spreading fast and there is still no cure, at the institute they are saying that the cure to the virus is in the blood of those who did not contact the virus after close contacts with victims, if this is true Kay, you are in trouble)
Kay: who is Ben? 
Claudia: Dr Ben is the Chief Medical Scientist at the Federal Health Research institute
Kay: so what are you going to do, i hope you will not let them take me away.
Claudia: am sending you to your father
Kay: who is he? where is he ? are you coming?
Claudia: his name is Prince Ali, he lives in GraceLands, the town at the boarder between Cameroon and Nigeria, and Kay I am not coming with you, you are leaving tonight.
Kay: Mum, why? (crying) don't stay here please.   
Claudia: (she gives Kay a jacket in a gift box) this is your father's jacket, tell him its a gift from Claudia , I have to be here when they come, besides I am now heading the team in my department who is finding the antidote to the virus.

A little before Midnight
(Grace drops Kay at the train station as she hurries back to her car, she tries not to look back at Ben who was crying like a primary school pupil, Claudia on the other hand was crying like a freshman)

35 Years Later 
February 20 2054

( Kay stood on his father's farmland which had nothing but dried leaves, the tea tree still stood tall and evergreen, his father had sent him to his grandfather's underground cabin which only him knew of at the other end of the town, when the government came for his father 5 years after he left his mother's house. 
Kay turned on the radio in his father's living room for the first time in 30 years, An Old man's voice was buzzing from the radio, Kay could recognize his voice, it was Dr Ben's voice, the government had made him, the Major General in charge of COVID-19, it was he who came to pick up his father 30 years ago,more people are contacting the virus which has now become a blood sucker, whenever there is an outbreak the blood of non-infected persons will be administered to cure them, those who had no money died within few days and the rich kept buying human beings to cure themselves, when they had the virus, the vaccines created by the World Health Organization could only work for new born babies.
Dr Ben took his father with optimism that the government would find a means of creating pills from his blood as it killed the virus faster, this however proved abortive as the government resisted the idea, his fathers blood was drawn secretly till he died)
Dr Ben: (over the radio) May Day, May Day, location: Federal Health Research Institute, situation: Critical, over 1,000,000 dead, over 200,000 patients admitted with no single blood on the line, if you are out there and you have never contacted the virus, please come out before we fish you out!
  may day...may day....
(Kay allowed the radio to sing out May day, may day)
may day, may day, stay in your houses, don't come out, over 200,000 patients at the Federal Health Research Institute, with no blood on the line, you are only allowed to come out of your house and surrender yourself, if you have never contacted the virus.
 may day, may day...
(Kay opened the box which had his father's Jacket, the box was now dusty and old, but he was surprised that the jacket was still neatly folded inside the box, Kay dusted the jacket, wore it with his father's old boot and hat and stood in front of the mirror, he cleaned the mirror a little bit so he could see himself. he was looking older but not older than 22. 
Kay slipped his hands into the pockets of the jacket only to find a note at the left side of the pocket)
(Kay reads out the content of the paper)
Remember the other day you came to my school when i was at the SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, OTANA, and we discussed about the rumored biological weapon, remember you how you said the cure would not be far, you were right, the cure is not far.
 The cure is on your father's farmland, the dried tea you drink every now and then contains too much zinc and iron, it almost killed you remember, it almost killed Kay, when he was born, your blood disease found its way to our son, that was why i took him far away from you,
what is curse is now a blessing,
It will now reunite you with your son
from my research findings its not that your son did not contact the virus, he did but, he killed it very fast, so the research institute wants his blood drained to create pills, they will soon find you but if they take you don't let them take him
they can as well drink the northern dry tea  every morning and evening for 20 years and get well, since the virus is afraid of immunity.

(the radio kept buzzing)
Radio: May day, may day... if you have never contacted the virus come out and surrender

yourself before we fish you out!
(Kay drove off his fathers farm in his father's abandoned motorcycle, he recalled how his father would watch him ride through the lands, Kay took with him a gallon of Tea and his own blood in a syringe, on his way Kay discovered that the 3 months lock down never ended, as there there was no single soul on the street, even check points were not functioning, three things must have happened Kay thought, either they were now dead,or they were patients or they were still in their houses waiting for the lock down to come to an end.
Kay drove for 14 days consuming the free fuel at fuel stations and picking free tin food from looted supermarkets, that no longer had owners, within this days he had called Dr Ben that he would be surrendering himself, however he did not reveal his identity, Kay drove into the research institute only to find a large crowd of patient waiting for him including Dr Ben who was now a patient, Kay sat on his motorcycle and began his speech.
Dr Ben: (seeing it was Kay) Kay! i knew you where still alive
Kay: thank you, I am not dead, I am still alive
   (Kay raised the pitch of his voice)
I know you are staring at me now, because you want my blood, because i have never contacted the virus and the doctors said its my blood type and it must be the cure right?
(Kay brings out the syringe having his blood) but this is all i can give to you from my blood (some patients looked at him coughing violently) or maybe you can have this (brings out the gallon of tea from the cooler on his motorcycle) and drink it for the next 20 years so your blood can kill the virus too (the patient looked at him again but that was not an option)
(in tears) February 10 2020 my mother was taken from her workplace, she was forced to disclose my whereabouts, she was tortured when she refused, she was also forced to give her blood, she died in pains, she sacrificed,
November 30 2025 my father was taken from his farm,he was placed in the theater and his blood was drained out of his body till the day he, he sacrificed so this virus can be cured, but its still here, now you want my blood.
 this is all i can give you from my blood (holding the syringe up) but i know a man who has blood to give, a young man, younger than i am, he died at 33, he died with blood flowing from his side, he is a legend and his story has it that his blood never runs dry, his blood cures the incurable, if i give you my blood today,you will still need more, but if he gives you his blood, its the final solution, so you see, you don't need my blood, you need him, you need JESUS
While we were asleep the enemies came to sow tares, this virus was developed in a laboratory like ours,by some people who wanted to get rid of their teeming population,when the virus was developed it was targeted against the older members of the the society. This virus was created to attack the entire respiratory system of its victim,cause suffocation,difficulty in breathing,chocking episodes and finally death, its not just a virus it is a weapon of mass destruction.
when the virus was created, it was not created to be cured, because it will kill only specific people, people whose respiratory organ is not strong enough to resist the virus, people with weak immune system, people that have been regarded by that country as no longer useful to their society and industries, i call it a selective deadly weapon and the only cure to a selective virus like this is to leave its category of potential victims.
you don't just need the cure to COVID-19, you need to be strong in heart, mind, soul and body, because it will kill the weak and not the strong.
you don't just need to be strong you need to be deeply immersed in the blood of JESUS. 
In fact you need the blood of Jesus flowing through your veins.
find More CURE in
 EPHESIANS 6:10-18

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