MORE THAN A LATE COMER by Hontonnu Moses

Written by Hontonnu Moses
Deep down and searching to and fro, there is no doubt that the situation on the ground remain inevitably accepted that many have been severally victimized and humiliated as a result of diverse forces that are nonchalant, imbibing bad nature in us leading to many downfalls and disgrace in many organizations, offices and places of works respectively. To the interpretation or view of many being conceived as “TIME waits for no ONE” but the truth is that TIME is valuable and highly significant in human life; however, the TIME has been abused severally by many people; of course the time should be wisely utilized rather than abusing it. Today, many have missed a lot of opportunities because of the inability to utilize their time wisely, while many have been disgraced publicly causing psychological trauma. The pain inherent in Lateness causing disappointment; is indeed sardonic and lugubrious because of diverse causes that aggravate this anomaly.
“More than a Late Comer”

Who do this statement points at? Unequivocally, a latecomer is someone who possesses an amoral attitude towards the way he utilizes the time. In a spit sense of this, a latecomer, of course, is characterized with perpetual lateness and a nonchalant lifestyle that portraits bad idiosyncrasy. In a broad sense of it, more than a latecomer would definitely be a servant to time because he fails to utilize the time wisely. There are 3 things in man’s life if you missed it, it would never find its way back.
·         Time
·         Opportunity
·         Word
These three things can be so useful to man, but they are very fragile to a careful extent that they must not be joked with because they are powerful and relevant once they are misused, it becomes forever gone.

Characteristics of a LATE COMER
·         Laziness
·         Nonchalant attitude

·         Procrastination
·         Fond of excuses

·         They persuade others to be like them (Retreatist or Retreatism)
The danger of MORE THAN a LATE COMER
·         Missing opportunities
·         Their values are valueless
·         Their competency becomes incompetency
·         Their confidence becomes insecure
·         Their bold ideas become bad ideas. .et al