A SEER is Born written by: Goodie

   When Lois stepped into the world she gave a special cry, Mama Grace her grandmother smiled happily and whispered to Papa Amos her husband... Another Seer is born.
    Mama Grace was a SEER from birth, a gift she had no control over, she would see things before they happen, she would see into people's life unconsciously. Thank God she was a born again Christian, if she wasn't people would have mistaken her for a diviner. It was a gift known to have existed in their family and she was even more happy that young Lois would be that Seer.
Lois was not able to sleep most of the night, she would wake up each night with a sharp cry disturbing the entire neighborhood, soon neighbors started trooping in to see the baby girl who would not let them sleep at night.
Growing up Lois would point into the shadows and try to catch the thing air something that was common to every young Seer.

No! no! no! This is not my grandpa! 7 years old Lois screamed one afternoon from her sleep, she stood up and ran straight to Grandpa Amos room, but there he was sitting quietly reading his big books as usual. Now Lois was confused she had seen her grandfather sitting on the same chair but looking very white.
Lois walked back to her room looking confused, what is this? Why is she seeing things that are not real? Could it be a brain disorder. A lot of thoughts kept running through her mind.

One cool evening during Lois Summer break GrandMa Grace walked into Lois room just after her mother and father had talked quietly with her, Grandma Grace was now ready to discuss Lois's gift with her.
I know you have been going through a lot, you have been seeing things which apparently is not normal. Grandma Grace said softly...Lois looked at her as though she was an angel sent from God, she was happy that finally someone could feel her pain.

One day in school Lois saw a policeman standing next to Sam Dei staring at him, Sam Dei was the biggest boy in her class, she stood wondering why the policeman was staring at him only for her to discover minutes later that she was seeing things again because Sam Dei had whispered to his friends standing close to him that Lois was staring at him.
You have a gift, a spiritual gifts of high value... Mama Grace continued,what you are seeing are not imaginary they are real images, images of real events that will take place in the nearest future.whenever you see these things no matter how scary they are don't panic and don't rush in panic to the people involved. Pray to God to complete the good and avert the evil if God tell you to inform them, quietly do and don't  worry they don't have to believe you.

Lois...Mama Grace called softly, your spiritual gift is not a complete without a spiritual commitment to God. That is why your parents and I have trained you to honour God and obey his commandments, if you don't the devil will take over your gifts and you will be controlled to your own destruction. This is beautiful but use it prayerfully and carefully.
This seem to be the last words of advice from Mama Grace that Lois cherished alot, towards the end of her summer break, one Afternoon Papa Amos passed on peacefully while reading his books and Mama Grace suffered a heart attack when she saw that her husband had passed on, she died few months later.

Mama Grace advice had encouraged Lois greatly she would no longer see herself as abnormal most importantly she was determined to love and serve God who gave her this unique gift without her requesting him.