POEM: The Plight
Written by Hontonnu Moses

Walking through the valley of abnormalities
 Smiling and waving in time of difficulties
Bewildering unconsciously. The moment of plight!
 The moment begins with worry and anxiety
visiting the moment of refreshment unpalatably. The moment of plight!
Change in negative thoughts sudden become the order of the day
facing with grievances, crises, and attraction of instabilities. The moment of plight!
   Man’s daily living engulf with diverse ordeals
 a tour to survival of the fittest
stirring at the colourful signboard of poverty,
crunching and glancing aimlessly. The moment of plight!

that arises in our daily living characterized with inexact outlook
having unidentified solution to the problems of social instability,
invisible to the blind and inexplicable to ordinary man’s interpretation. The moment of plight!
The journey of thousand miles begin with a step,
but the journey of man’s dilemmas begin with
dismay, violence, hunger, shocks, strains
agonizing the heart of man. The moment of plight!
The powerful ascertain the solutions to these problematic states
but getting to the corridor of position
 it runs out sheepishly because of inconsistency. The moment of plight!
We hope for revival and we anticipate for utopia Nigeria,
but no one to come to our aid. The moment of plight!
We are not secured in our home neither we are being protected outdoor,
wallowing in hopelessness and helplessly thinking of a better day. The moment of plight!
The Plight of daily living is a monumental threat
that frightens and war against many Nigerians’ daily endeavours,
 a threat to human survival. The moment of plight!
HONTONNU MOSES is a Writer,Radio Analyst and Blogger.