The Modern World of Sodom and Gommorrah by HONTONNU MOSES

The modern world of Sodom and Gomorrah
written by: Hontonnu Moses
 It has become a great and troubling concern to what constitutes unethical sexual acts that are rampant at every corner of the entire globe. There is no shadow of doubt that the world is ever-changing, changing in different dimensions, polluting the atmosphere with fornication, lesbianism, homo-sexual, masturbation, adultery and many unethical sexual acts that have crafted and shaped modern society into sexual zones where the youth has become major producers of pornography pictures, music, and videos on social platforms where they sell their bodies in exchange for money and followers without considering how detrimental or hazardous these acts are to their life. Little do they know that these unethical sexual acts they flaunt on pornography sites or on social media are connected with a destructive power which destroy lives in a way that make them to be spiritually possessed.


It has not been concluded that only the youth that engage in these unethical sexual acts, but the so-called adults have chosen to market their body on different social platforms; this, of course, has been a major concern and a worrisome question to what is the cause of this high rate of pornography at every corners, regions or parts of the world that are polluting and destroying lives?. Or what are they benefiting from these unethical sexual acts? But the truth is that all these unethical sexual acts are seen to many as a way of satisfying the flesh which is seen as sweet but deadly because they are connected with demonism.

Who then do we refer to Sodom and Gomorrah?
The land of Sodom and Gomorrah was a polluted land where unethical sexual acts were highly rampant among both young and old; where they engage in homosexual, lesbianism, masturbation, prostitution, abortion and many other destructive acts. Sodom and Gomorrah engaged in a very great social vice which makes God to be angry with the land of Sodom and Gomorrah.  They committed various forms of sins which prompted God to arrive at the verge of passing his judgment upon the land

And the Lord said because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great and because of their sin is very grievous. What are the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah which make God be angry with the land?
Ø  They  humiliated their visitor
Ø  They engaged in consensual homosexual acts.

Ø  They  engaged in bestiality
Ø  They were on the verge of having sexual intercourse with an angel, in order to receive a blessing. Etc.
Today, these unethical sexualities have been prevalent in the modern world which of course is polluting social platforms; the exasperating part of this scenario is that everybody is happy selling their sensitive parts of the body on different sites to get money and attention or followers. WHY? This is because many lives have been under the shackles of the Demons that control their life and dictate what to do. Many youths today have been addicted to watching pornography, and many find it so difficult to opt-out of these destructive act, while many are addicted to act this pornography videos they upload on different sites, and this, of course, has gone to high length to destroy their destiny and glory.

ü  Fleshly lust
ü  Pornography pictures, music, and videos
ü  Addicted to internet/ social media
ü  Curious about sexual acts
ü  Premarital sexual acts and many others.
Ways to abstain from unethical sexual acts
·                     Prayer
·         Godly counsel
·         Feeding on God’s word (BIBLE)
·         Flee away from pornography and many others.

 About the Author.
The Author Hontonnu Moses is Writer, Political Radio Analyst and Blogger.