BETTER THINGS - Drama piece

(Jonah is seen on his knees crying and praying to God in his sitting room)

Jonah: oh Lord my God, ah, ah,ah,ah I cannot believe it's the end of another year, so fast, but God wait see all my goals (opening the pages of his diary) none was accomplished, none,none (emphatically) I said I will apply for my masters abroad this year, I could not even gather the application fee, I said I will get a good Job here am I still managing, wait oh,five out of eight friends got married this year and two are engaged to marry next year but am the only one who is still single! Still single and searching for that matter. God why?
Ah, ah, ,..ah,ah ...this year was stressful oh, (angrily )stressful and unfruitful I worked like an elephant and I ate like an ant...

But God wait , are you still alive? You are still alive right? Good, good. This coming year must come with better things, better things or nothing else..... Ah ah. This coming year I must sing my song and dance my dance...

(Caleb who Just got back from work walks in holding a bottle of wine to celebrate with Jonah the end of the year he observes Jonah's prayer for a while)

(Caleb cuts in)

Caleb: Jonah, Jonah are you praying to God or your elder brother? wait are you praying or complaining. You are very ungrateful. You lived from the day your mother gave birth to you till today, you cannot thank God, last month we attended Sarah's burial, holy sister Sarah died, but here you are alive and you are still complaining,since some of your mates graduated...

they have not used their certificate, you even have a job you cannot thank God. Kunle that got married three months ago I saw him entering H&O Hotel with a strange woman on December 25th!
Jonah: (surprised) ah, ah!, what is wrong with him?
Caleb: here you are still single and searching you cannot thank God and you are still commanding God to make sure that next year comes with better things. Thank God am not God, if not I would have given you an invisible slap.

Jonah: (shocked) what do you mean!
Caleb: Yes! Yes! because you are ungrateful, very ungrateful. As for me (opening his bottle of wine) I am already celebrating a beautiful year ahead, because I know that this year was too short to give me all I need so God has prepared next year to perfect all that concerns me and better things he will give to me in years to come, why not join me as I celebrate a wonderful year ahead.

Bible Verse: Psalm 138:8. KJV
The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord endureth forever: forsake not the works of thine own hands