So you have been praying for a Miracle or believing God for something 
Or maybe you have been trying to manifest something and you don't know whether or not you should still believe and work towards your goals here are three 3 signs indicating that your miracle is on the way...

I Can't Take it Anymore!!!
The point where we scream I can't take it anymore is called the Bending Point. It is at this point we begin to bend to circumstances and the oppositions that come our way, this is the time we yeild to temptation.

But when you finally reach the point where you can't take it anymore that is the first sign that your miracle is on the way.
God Promises us that he will not give us a temptation that is greater than us.
So when your situation becomes overbearing he quickly introduces the duex machina to take it off and most times its what you've been praying for YOUR MIRACLE.

                          SIGN NO 2
                   Peace in the Storm
When situations seems though the first thing we begin to feel is unease and unrest because as humans it's in our nature to worry but when you suddenly find peace, rest and comfort even when challenges persistent that is another sign that your miracle is on the way.
God Promises us that he will speak Peace and Calm every Storm in our life
           So when you suddenly begin to feel at peace it is a huge sign that the storms in your life have been commanded to cease and what is left is a physical manifestation.

                           SIGN NO 3
       His Gentle Still Small Voice.
While we expect our miracle we notice that the voices against our manifestation seems to be louder than the voices for our manifestation and if care is not taken we may throw our entire expectation in the Trash but when this loud voices begin to speak but suddenly you begin to hear a gentle still voice proclaiming positivity into all the negativity and showing you a new way out of your old problems this is a great sign that your miracle is on the way.

When this gentle voice begins to show you the new way out do not hesitate it is God's  voice leading you into your miracle.
God in his word says "you shall a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it"
 So when you hear his still voice in the midst of the noise do not neglect it. God is leading you to the way out of your situation into your miracle.

        Do you agree with these signs.
Have you seen one or more in your life.
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