Benson staggers forward and backwards holding his last bottle of beer, the Street clock in the middle of Tracee Street struck 12midnight, it's midnight! Benson stops at the front of the giant Street clock and raises his face to stare at the clock just then something dropped on his forehead, a thick clot of blood. Benson swiped his forehead with his right wrist as he was holding his last bottle of beer to confirm if what landed on his forehead was real and it was, blood was falling from the giant Street clock!

He shook his head but this time around his footstep was firm and his steps were faster than before Benson walked briskly soon it began to rain, he hurried across the road to stay under the shade of his barber's shop only to discover at the middle of the road that a truck was racing down, escaping to the other end of the road  Benson landed on his left feet,slipped and hit his head on the iron pillar, his last bottle of beer came crashing on the tared road one broken flew and pierced his right wrist. Now Benson's head and his wrist was bleeding for real

trying to understand the accident in his drunken state Benson leaned against the door of his barber shop which was locked, he let his body slide down till he was sitting on the floor with his two hands by his side and legs spread apart his forehead and right wrist bleeding profusely.
Benson placed his two hands on his face and begins to groan and suddenly thunder strikes and lighting flashes and the heavy rainfall came to a stop and just after that another thunder struck and lighting flashed but there was something about this lighting it stayed on Benson who had turned white and then it began to flash again.
Constable Maya points her torch light on Benson whose hands was still resting on his face. Young man,young man...are you okay she called, can't you hear me? Constable Maya moved closer to Benson holds his left wrist taking it off his face but Benson's eyes remained shut, blood clot covered a part of his face,Constable Maya inquisitively took off his bleeding wrist. No! No! She screamed

Two other Constables rushes to the scene with their flash lights,Maya  what's wrong? He's dead, she replied sobbing. Do you know him, one elderly police officer asked her, Yes! He his my cousin. Ooooh we are so sorry the other constables chorused.
Constable Maya continues to sob until the emergency van arrived some men highlighted from the van to carry Benson away on a stretcher. Time of death 12:35am.
October 8th morning Constable Maya stood gazing at Benson's tomb it read thus...

GONE TOO SOON "Here lies a young man full of life he wasn't ready to die, yet he died at 26 he said goodbye. You too can die soon"
 You shouldn't have stepped out that night, you shouldn't ... Constable Maya muttered, you never drank until that night, I have never seen you clubbing, you were always alive, you had God, you had hope, you had dreams,until that night,The night you stepped out. Rest in Peace.

PSALM 91:1
"He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty"

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