The Immutability of God.

  The major word in this topic 'Immutability' is gotten from the word 'immutable' which means "unable to change". God in his nature is immutable he cannot change.
   At first when I read about this nature of God I could not get my self to believe that there is something or someone somewhere that cannot change, however mathematics and science has helped me to understand this concept better.
   When solving a Mathematical equation or when conducting an experiment you will find out that there are alot of variables used and factors and as you reach your solution or hypothesis many of these variables would have changed, however there is always a factor that is fixed and those not change under the circumstances or during the cause of calculation or experiment, this is usually called the 'constant'. Those in the science would agree that a constant keep your equation balanced and solution attained.
    God is like that constant that does not change so others like humans who keep changing will have something to rely on in other to keep their lives balanced.
   In Malachi 3:6 (KJV) God reminded the children of Israel through prophet Malachi that he does not change. "For I am the LORD, I change not: therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed".
  If all the variables keep changing and there is no constant the equation or experiment will be unending without result.
   We must make God the constant in our life, so as the world is changing, including times and season his unchanging nature will hold our lives in place so we can reach our desired end.
The Immutability of God extends to his promises, his words. His words does not change and his gifts are without repentance and because he keeps his word he cannot lie.
  Hebrews 6:17-18 " wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the Immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath:,that by two immutable things,in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong Consolation,who have fled for refuge to Lay hold upon the hope set before us"
 Because God cannot lie and he does not change we can put our trust in him when everything else fails God will not fail.
  When God says a thing and you are not sure just ask him again and he will repeat it because his words are fixed from the foundations of earth.
   In Genesis God promised us a Messiah and he has fufilled his words.
  It is only men that change, including times and seasons. Some people will say God said this and it did not happen rather this happened, how then can you say his words does not change?
  When God says a thing it becomes his will and it is automatically done in heaven but for it to be done on earth you and I must listen, pray and obey his instructions in total. Jesus prayed "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" which means that if men keep changing in their decisions and their purpose and Christians keep wavering in faith, they cannot be instruments with which the will of God will be done on earth because they would walk out of his plans.
  We need a level of this nature in us, we must learn to remain focus in purpose, unchanging and unwavering in faith.
   For example:
If you tell a child don't go out because you have seen the weather forecast and a storm is coming and you just did nor tell the child about the storm in other not to scare him but promised him goodies if he stays inside. If this child flaunts your order and goes outside you cannot protect him from that storm. He will be caught in a situation and also he won't get the promised goodies.
   This is exactly what happens with believers they flaunt the simple instruction given by God that will cause his word to come to pass and thus they miss the blessings.
 Numbers 24:19  "God is not a man that he should lie, neither the son of man that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken and shall he not make it good?.

Psalm 89:34 ," my covenant will I not break nor alter the thing which is gone out of my lips"

Matthew 24:35 "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words not pass away"

Psalm 119:89 " Forever o Lord thy word is settled in heaven it is settled".

The word of God is yea and Amen, and he honours his word more than his name, so take hold on the word of God that has been spoken to you, so long it's his word not your word, and you obey his instructions it will come to pass.
 That's one ways to be sure God has spoken at the appointed time it will come to pass, you just stay with him and in him, don't  be like that child that was asked to stay in doors and he decided to go out only to be caught in the storm. Obey his words and his promises will come to pass in you life in Jesus Name.
    Amen.   GODBLESS YOU.