BIG MEAT

(In a living room, Mr Isaac is seen sitting on the sofa with his legs on the table watching the midday news, his wife Grace walks out of the kitchen to set the table, after that she calls her husband to the table)
Mr Isaac: ( Opens the food, observes the meat) what kind of meat is this? Why do I have particles of meat inside my soup, is there no meat in the soup?
Grace: my dear, what are you saying I gave you five meat and I took two, see (pointing to the soup) 1,2,3,4,5, five meat
Mr Isaac: No! This is not meat these are mercy drops of meat, you did not add meat, I mean big meat, where is the big meat?
Grace: my dear, I gave you five meat and you are still asking for big meat? You know what just add these five meat on top of each other it will become big.
Mr Isaac: (angrily) Is it that there is no meat in the kitchen ?
Grace: my dear, we bought full chicken are suppose to finish it in one meal? I have kept some in the freezer I am keeping it for tomorrow
Mr Isaac: Tomorrow! Tomorrow (sarcastically) we have not finish seeing today you are talking of tomorrow, will you go and bring the big meat my friend.
(Grace turns her face away unwilling to to stand up)
Mr Isaac: (standing up) in which of the freezer?
Grace: we have to keep some for tomorrow, we cannot finish this meat at once because there is tomorrow.
Mr Isaac: women! always keeping and hiding things.
 (Mr Isaac stand up goes into the kitchen and then to the store room opens the freezer and brings out a whole lap of fried chicken, places it in a plate and microwaves it, walks back to the dinning with the chicken on a plate, share it into two unequal halves and gives the smaller portion to his wife Grace)
Grace: Thank you
Mr Isaac: (smiling) thank you, why did you not reject it, (pause) are you not feeling good, how is the meat tasting in your mouth
 (Grace Ignores him)
                                   -Cuts to-

(This time around Mr Isaac is seen Lying on the floor near the sofa, Grace is seen on the other side, Very sober, holding a Bible on her chest)
Mr Isaac: my God! What type of hunger is this? God please deliver us, send us help.
Grace: (sober) when I was telling you to keep something for tomorrow, you did not agree, see how we are suffering now
Mr Isaac: (ignoring her) (aloud) God! Deliver us! (Sits up) I am going to the mountain for three days it is better to die there (to Grace) give me a mat, a gallon of water and my Bible
Grace: but my dear you have not eaten any good food for two days, how do you intend to climb the mountain not to talk of staying there for  three days
 (Mr Isaac tries to stand up but he staggers and falls on the chair) you cannot even stand up.
                                   -Cuts to-
(Mr Isaac is seen lying on a mat outside his house, a gallon of water is by his side while his Bible is on his chest, his wife walks in)
Grace: (surprised) my dear, is this where you are doing the fasting on the mountain or prayer and fasting?
Mr Isaac: (Ignores her again) (begins his loud prayers) Lord if I die let me die in your presence Lord, Oh God (softly) but I don't want to die, no no am not ready to die. (Shouting) (yelling)Lord where are you, where are you?.
                                 -Cuts to-

(Inside Mr Isaac's house)
God: (voice of God) Am in you store house
Mr Isaac: (walking towards his store room) my store house?
God: (assertive) Yes! Your store house
  (He opens the door he sees an empty chair )
Mr Isaac: (surprised) God where are you inside my store house (he opens the freezer)
God: I am Here
Mr Isaac: (he turns only to find God now sitting on the empty chair) (on his knees) oh Lord my God, in the multitude of your tender mercies have mercy upon me. I am suffering, help me Lord (pleading)
God: I will help you, I want to help you, but how can help you, when your store house is empty
Mr Isaac: God there is nothing you cannot do, you make a way in wilderness and rivers in the desert.
God: that's true, I should make a way in the wilderness because there is no way in the wilderness, I should create rivers in the desert because there is no water in the desert. But this is a store house where things are kept for future purpose so I am to increase your store house but since you entered into this famine season I have been here looking for what to increase
(Walks toward a cupboard labelled yam, opens the cupboard ) you said this is for yam but where is the yam (a cockroach jumps out of the empty cupboard) (God smiles) the meat should be here I guess (he opens the empty freezer) but where is your meat.
You have kept nothing out of the abundance I gave to you. Anyway since all you have here is emptiness, I have been increasing the emptiness and famine in your house.
Mr Isaac: ah! God please have mercy upon me and my family
God: I will have mercy
Mr Isaac: (smiles) thank you Lord, thank you merciful Lord....thank. Yo...
God: (interrupts him) but before I have mercy upon you open your Bible to Ecclesiastes chapter three from verse one
Mr Isaac: (his Bible is seen close to him) to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven, a time to be born, and a time to die: a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
God: that's alright, a time to plant, a time water, a time to harvest . you will have to wait for another planting season and harvest season and this time around don't forget to keep some in your store house. You can go.
(Mr Isaac opens his eyes  he is outside his house)
(It was dream)
(It's evening already)

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2


  1. This is so helpful, thank you ma, indeed one has to be conscious of the future

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