Before Sun Set

      Indeed! New things happen to new people. Alice was new to the school system which we had outgrown. Fresher man and all the avoidable mistakes they end up making.
    After arranging Alice file I watched her walked into the screening Hall majestically, she was young vibrant and so beautiful but not too beautiful to be deceived. 
  I had watched her talking to at least seven guys in her fresher man shoes in two weeks she was good with the guys. Her gentleness and awesome personality was lovable at first sight.
  Seeing her by the gate with her mum for the first time what caught my attention was her height,her model physic, her beauty, her smile,her...she was gorgeous,she was, but where is she now.
  Few minutes later,Alice walked out of the screening Hall smiling as ever. Screened, am now an undergraduate she screamed. Others like me who admired Alice personality did not waste time they started wishing her happy matriculation in advance.
Alice mother had told me a forehand that she was her last daughter after five girls and one boy. 
Sure she was over pampered but at least well behaved, like everyone else she had her good times and bad times.
Two weeks after settling down I watched Alice metamorphose, the change was glaring her hair style, her dress,her speech even the food she ate.
Because I believed that in life change is constant I did not pay attention to this changes until one day when I saw Alice at past eleven heading back to the hostel. 
I was sitting at the balcony it was already late and I wanted to take in the cool night air before finally retiring to bed. Alice had told me she was going to the library at about 4:00pm and I believed her at least she had never lied to me.
I sat still for some minutes trying to wonder why Alice would be returning to the hostel by past eleven in company of guys not her class mate, course mate or age mate.
Should I confront her? Or watch her closely some more.
Before she got close to the gate I retired into my room expecting her to knock but surprisingly I woke up the next morning and my room was empty with no trace a Alice.
No! I fought back the questions as they arise in my subconscious, Alice is a good girl, from a good home, with good manners, she goes to Fellowship and she's joined the choir already!
Maybe something else happened I guess I was too tired to open the door so she slept in a friend's room.
At about 5:00pm the next  day while preparing for Bible study there was still no trace of Alice, her number was switched off, her friends told me vividly that she was not in class.
I tried to resist the temptation of calling her mum but I couldn't and fortunately as I ended the call she walked in.
She didn't say a word I tried to resist the temptation of shouting and playing the role of a mother but I couldn't.
After my questions and sermon Alice did not say a word.
That was the beginning of silence.
I started feeling the cold something wasn't right but I couldn't place my mind on it.
If I had known things would get this serious I would have asked the HolySpirit for revelation and direction.
Two weeks later Alice started keeping late nights frequently and on most occasion she never slept in the room.
One Wednesday morning I  called her mother to complain bitterly. That day Alice came back and gave me the fiercest warning I have ever received since I was born she told me out rightly that I was not her mother, that I was a student like her and as such I should respect my self. If I had known I should have called God not her mum.
This warning was the beginning of what I term 'minding my business.'
Oh! I stopped talking , I stopped listening, I stopped my sermons and questioning.
I stopped praying I wanted to mind my business.
Soon news started flying Alice was the happening girl on campus, she was in every party, every meeting. She had the physic and she was on top. She won Miss fresher, miss SUG, miss this, miss that,
Alice became a roommate I saw only once a week and I never cared! I was trying to mind my business.
Then the game was over exams came and results came out
Then news starting flying round again Alice had failed all her courses, 7 carry over ! but I didn't care, I did not call her mum I kept all rumors to my self.
I did nothing, I tried to avoid all questions about Alice directed to me, as much as could I did not want to cross the line she had drawn.
Then it was second semester the first time I saw her she was looking obesed.
 What would have happened? was she sick.
I almost wanted to ask but I decided to keep quiet.
Then I noticed she started sleeping in the room, a part of me was happy. I wanted to show her care but It's been long I did not know where to start from.
Then second semester exams came and it was another level I was in final year and news started flying round again Alice the beauty queen failed all her courses. This time it was worse,both students, academic staff, and non academic staffs were interested in the story.
Then I couldn't take it anymore more.
I called Alice and for the first time I talked to her as a friend, I asked her a lot of questions but she never said a word, she never said a word!
Then I notice she started sleeping often, she would sleep for a long period of time, she stopped attending lectures,she stopped going out. 
Foolishly a part of me was happy at least I have my roommate back but she was not the same any more.
She was torn,beaten,sick and depressed.
Foolishly I never took these things seriously. Then one weekend i will never forget May 6th 
I came home my elder brother was getting married. After the ceremony the next day I decided to sit with my parents to watch the midday news and what I saw left me speechless, weak and afraid for the past one week I have been trying to sleep but I can't! I can't!
Headlines "200level beauty queen of WAQ university commits suicide"
Alice why?
Why did you have to take your life?
You don't know what you have done to me!
I feel guilty.
How am I sure I did not kill you.
You never said a word!
You never said a word!
Rest in Peace I hope we meet again.

A lot of suicide victims may never say a word, they may never say it on social media.
The level of Depression varies from person to person
Show concern when you ought to
Because their sun my soon set
Pray at all times and most importantly
Never stop showing love.