Under Grace

(Sister Favour is seen walking along a street, Bro Kingsley is also seen on his verandah in front of the street, he is drinking beer from a glass cup while the bottle lie behind the verandah)

Kingsley: (as she approaches) whoa! Sister Favour, Sister Favour
Favour: (stops and move towards him) Bro Kingsley, good afternoon .
Kingsley: how are you? (A little bit drunk he sips more beer)
Favour: (she perceives the smell of alcohol and turns her face) am fine,                                             but is that not beer you are drinking?
Kingsley: yes and so what?
Favour:    are you suppose to be drinking, do Christian brothers in the prayer team drink beer?
Kingsley: look at you! (Drunk) you have forgotten we are not under the law we are under Grace.  Where you not in church on Sunday when pastor said  that... In these last days,
 Grace is speaking expressly. (Stammers a bit)
Favour-:  (she notice he is drunk) it's actually the spirit that is speaking expressly,and don't tell me  you don't know that grace is not an excuse but a divine enablement to live above sin 
Kingsley- so are you trying to saying that grace does not speak?
Favour-    yes it's speaks ( she moves backwards )
Kingsley- then allow me to drink in Grace (he picks up his beer bottle from behind the verandah and  fills his glass) the principle is drink but don't be drunk. I am drinking yes!  But am I drunk no! 
Favour: you are not drunk? You know what I was actually on  my way to sister Joy's house, 
 goodbye (she tries to leave)
 Kingsley: (jumps down from his verandah, favour moves backwards) so this is how you walk past 
 my house to visit sister Joy without saying hi to me?
Favour:I did not know I was going to see you outside your house this hot afternoon drinking beer 
Kingsley: so, if am not outside can't you knock?
Favour: knock for what? What am I looking for if you don't mind please excuse me
Kingsley: (tries to pull her backwards with her hands but he missed)
(Kingsley staggers back to the verandah to finish his beer almost missing his step)

             Bible text: 
            ROMANS 6:15
     "what shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? GOD FORBID!"

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