Drama piece and short story

Before sunset is a suicide story written by Abotu Goodnews Goodie. Alice faced with hidden challenges decided to take her own life but some could have helped...

Every mother always wants the best for her daughter but what is the solution to greed and materialism. Why do some mothers cherish material things above the welfare of their daughters.
Read marriage prayer an interesting Drama piece on the marraige prayer of mother and daughter...

     Christians today claim to be under Grace and use Grace as an excuse for continuing in sin. UNDER GRACE is an interesting Drama piece that addresses this issue...

Many singles would believe that their past life would affect the type of life partner they would end up with. Obianke Victory gives is a story where the lines are entirely new for a young Christian lady with a bad past.

The Right Foot written by Obianke Victory is a love story that reminds us all that true live exists in Christ.
Christ is our ultimate lover

This is another love story.
Where else can one fine true love if not in Christ 
You should Read a gift of Love before falling in love.

More useful is a beautiful Drama piece that reminds every undergraduate that service to God is as important as studying.

Lying appears to be the order of the day especially with the invent of social media.
Overated tells us a story relating the consequences of lying.

With the invent of mobile phones and other devices lying has been on the increase.
Phonetravel is a drama piece the relates the consequences of lying.

Alot of Youths today are into all forms of addiction, drugs,hemp,drinking and other dangerous habits.
The drama piece entangled tells a story which provides the solution for all forms of addiction.

The heiress is a drama piece with Yoruba setting that reminds ou of the coming Christ in the simplest way.
When Christ comes will you be an heir to his kingdom or a case away?

Christian relationship begins with God's leading. God spoke to you is a drama piece that reminds us that marriage crisis is still an impending danger is after the celebration we are not continually led by God.

Turned down is an interesting Drama piece that reminds us that loving and serving God should be at all times not only in times of trouble. Men may turn you down but God won't.
Read this interesting story...

Every marraige may look perfect but there some aspect you won't want to see.
Don't envy me is a drama piece which tell the story of our the outward look of a marriage may be deceptive.

Temptations do not respect Spiritual degree.
How I fell is an interesting Drama piece that tells how falling into temptation can occur at anytime if a Christian is not watchful.