Marriage Prayer

              (Abigirl is seen sleeping, her mum walks in, she wakes her up)
Mum: Abigirl are you sleeping?
Abigirl: (checks her time) mum it's 2:00am, everybody is sleeping right now
Mum: Am I sleeping? You better wake up!
Abigirl:(half asleep) is everything alright?
Mum:No! I had a dream (in low tune)
Abigirl:(fully awake) A dream!?
Mum:yes, and in that dream you got married to a very rich man, come and see your wedding 
 (her tone increases) eh! eh!. The souvenirs we were sharing was not book, 
 fan and handkerchief oh! Microwave, oven,home theater!
Abigirl: thank you Jesus (smiling)
Mum:but, few days after your wedding you came back to the house crying because you 
 discovered that your husband is a ritualist.
Abigirl:(jumping from the bed) the blood of Jesus,refuse to marry a ritualist, no I refuse to  
 marry any rich man who is a ritualist in the name of Jesus, in fact I'll rather marry 
 a poor man. This dream must not come to pass, ah! Holyghost fire!
Mum: no no, Abigirl sit down, you are already praying amiss. Abi which one is the dream 
 will not come to pass?
Abigirl: but mummy the dream is evil!
Mum: (shouting) the dream is not evil (Abigirl is surprised) because you must marry a rich      
 man it's only that this rich man that you are going to marry will not be ritualist. So this 
 how you are going to pray,close your eyes.
  (Abigirl closes her eyes) (Very Loud) 
 My father, my father ( Abigirl repeats all the prayers) my father, my maker, I will marry a  
  rich man but the rich man will not be a ritualist!Open your mouth and begin to secure your     
  future in tongues (they begin to pray in tongues)
Abigirl: (assertive) I will marry a rich man but the rich man will not be a ritualist in Jesus name
 (Crying and demonstrating she repeats the prayer)
Mum:(lays her hand on Abigirl's shoulder) my daughter must marry a rich man by fire by 
  thunder and he will not be a ritualist whether the devil likes it or not. She must 
  marry that rich man, by Fire, Fire, Fireeeee
  (Abigirl repeats Fire after her as they continue to pray in tongues)

                                Bible Text: Proverbs 1:30-33
"They would non of my counsel, they despise all my reproof, therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way and be filled with their own devices, for the turning of the simple shall slay them and the property of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearken unto me shall dwell safely and shall be quiet from evil"

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