2019 PROMISES AND DECLARATIONS. (Like, share and Type AMEN)

PROMISES. Thus says the Lord in 2019
I will cause the glory of the Sun and the hidden glory in the earth to shine upon you
I will cause the blessings in the hidden places of the of the earth to be released into your store house
I will cause War in the camp of thine enemies
I will cause your friends, family and all they about you to marvel at my works
I will send your rain in due season
I will be an enemy to thine enemies and an adversary to thine adversaries
I will cause kings and wise men to come to thine rising
I will cover you with my everlasting covering
I will perfect all that concerns you
I will, and I will do all that I have spoken.
For I was, I am and Is to come.
I shall be a light shinning in darkness
I shall be first among my equals
I shall be a pacesetter and a reference point
I shall be the head and not the tail
I shall hold on to the scepter of righteousness
I shall purse, overtake and recover all I have lost in yester years
I shall walk on the street of favour, Grace, and Glory
I shall not die before my appointed time
I shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that yield it's fruits in its season.
I shall be all that the Lord says I will be.
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Courtesy: NEW GENERATION @newgene_tv.