GREÀTNESS (poetry piece) By. SAJO


A young man once sat 
On the shore of a gurgling stream 
Falling into the arms of thought seduction 
He began to swim across the vast landscape of the Earth 
Indeed the Earth is great why can't I be? 

They are mountains taller than Everest 
hanging freely in a parallel universe 
You will keep thinking you are at your peak
till u move into space.

Alexander the great,
was mighty not by virtue of age 
but for his courage to venture into unknown space 
Yeah! he moved beyond his comfort zone 
He conquered territories 
as vast as the ocean
because he learned to utilize his brain.

Regardless of your race,gender and size
Let greatness be your drive 
when small minds try to limit your potentials
Look to the moon 
and remember they are heights taller than Everest.

Aim for the skies,
Dream of walking on the Nile. 
Records are meant to be broken 
You can be great! 
If you put your best 
to the little things you do.

Little drops of water make an ocean,
Rome wasn't built in a day. 
It's all starts with a spark
like the Big Bang 
It goes 'gbosa'

Ignite your passion
Chase your dreams even when they look out of fashion.
When the storms get tough as it sometimes will, 
remember the greatest force on earth is the human will.

Achievers never surrender 
my momma always tells me. 
There is no limit to who you can become 
How do I get there?
relax boy as we go down the hill.

Speaking to young minds,
I know right now you got a lot on your mind.
I could see your defeat 
am here to tell you don't retreat.

Drowning in the ocean of depression 
and your imaginative power is about to go on relegation 
Think of greatness 
Let it consume you like flimsy paper cords in a furnace.
Hold on to your dreams when no one sees it
and nuture it when no ones feels it.
As greatness possess your mind
You would rise above the horizon 
And not only be stars 
but will light up your galaxy.
Israel Sajini (SAJO)

Stay Tuned for more.