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         I sat on my bed with my knees drawn up, my hands embracing my legs such that my chin rested on my knees. I had just received a call from my fiance, Kolade Benson reminding me of our date.
           I'm a corper. I studied Mass communication and now served as a teacher. Being a teacher comes with a whole lot but I was different from my colleagues who always tease me about being a born teacher. I had been an orphan since two and still felt the pain of those times I was devoid of my parents love. My pathetic story became a little bit better when I was taken in by a sympathetic business man at age seven.
          Mr Tolani, a business mogul was on one of his trips when he almost ran into me. Out of shock, I collapsed and was taken by him to a nearby hospital. Three days later, unaware of what had transpired, I was discharged and taken to Mr Tolani's house :I couldn't care less. Back at my aunts house, I was  harrassed and molested sexually by my aunts husband. So, I had been delivered by Mr Tolani but severely damaged. This was what I kept telling myself in the years that followed.
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         I was jolted back when the door opened and in walked my bestie. "Hey Tana, how are you doing? ". Chisom asked as she walked towards the bed to sit beside me. I stood up and sat on the chair. "I'm fine dear, thank God, and you? " "I'm fine.. Just wondering why you are behaving funny. What's up? " Chisom laughed, "Is it the date.. Ah!...you, my friend cannot be bothered.. You've done this before ". I sighed and placed my hands on my head. "Don't do this Tana, you know  Kay loves you and I'm not sure telling him something he needs to know about your past would change that " . I burst into laughter as I stared at Chisom "Really? Something? Chisom, I'm damaged, it's not just anything, it's disgusting,you don't understand ". "Fine, maybe I don't " Chisom replied as she stood up from the bed to sit opposite me. "You know, I've recounted my past and present to you but you still don't get it,look,no bigi..but I seriously don't know what to tell you anymore except that God cares, yes, he loves you... Just as you are.. ". I stood up to stand by the window. "You know, that's what hurts me the most. How can he care? I was a terrible, disgusting sinner. I was damaged. How can he still be able to look at me? " . "You see, there's your problem. You haven't forgiven yourself. I think you should postpone this date.You're not ready.You keep calling yourself 'damaged  and terrible ' when the Bible has assured you that you are a new creature. Tana, old things are passed away, forgive yourself" Chisom stood up, picked up her bag and car keys "Think about all I've said, I love you.. Bye ". I watched my bestie as walked out of my house. I was left alone. I was drowning gradually in my own thoughts.
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          Falling in love with Kolade Benson hadn't been a part of the plan. I had decided to serve God diligently till I die or something, a stupid plan actually but I was set on doing it. Kolade Benson came along and I was trapped in love although I had never admitted it. My childhood memories still haunted me. I had given my life to Christ but not all of it. I wasn't ready to accept his love or any other. The only best friend I had was Chisom and that was because she knew me better than anyone. I had grown up a lonely child. My parents were business moguls and never had time for me. Now, the time had come to accept someone else but I was expected to cut myself open. I shivered as I sat on my bed. I was messed up.
          We had been sitted for over thirty minutes with Kay trying to cheer me up having noticed my pensive mood. "You know  we can just skip this past story thing. I love you and no story about the person you were would change that". At this point, I got angry. The word 'love' scared me. "Love? Kay, love? Hmm! " I sighed. Surprisingly, Kay burst into laughter and held my hands,  "Tana Tolani, I'm all ears". I  looked around and surveyed the environment. I had chosen this place because of it's serenity. "I am damaged " . I blurted out as Kola dropped my hands and shook his head,  "Don't ever say that again, Tana..  You're not... " "You don't understand Kay, you don't, I love you but you can't spend the rest of your life with someone like me". Kay sounded resolved as he replied that it was his decision to make. I smiled knowingly. He hasn't heard all of it...
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       I fell down crying as soon as I entered my apartment. I had perceived it before now. The moment I blurted out everything, his eyes became lifeless and that was when it clicked. All the love he had professed before now had faded the moment he heard my story.
          It was about an hour later when I heard a knock on my door. Oh God! Chisom again! She never lets me be. I staggered to the door as I wiped off every trace of tear. I felt like sinking. Kolade Benson was standing in front of me with Chisom beside him. I left the door opened as I walked staggeringly to a chair.
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           "You just ran off without listening to what I had to say ". I stared at him without comprehending. Is he for real? Should I have stood there for him to humiliate me? What's this one saying?...  "B..B... B.. But I thought you'd  made your decision.. I thought ...". Chisom threw her bag down as she interrupted me "That's your problem Tana,you always thought.. Come on T, I've told you to forgive yourself... Tana Tolani, you are not damaged.. Anyway, I wanted to check if you were back and how your date with Kay went but it's obvious that it's not ended yet.. Goodnight, I'll call you later.. Kay, be careful ". With those words that ate deep into my soul that it felt like I had been cut open, my bestie picked her bag up and walked out of my house with Kolade muttering a muffled 'thank you Chisom'. Now it was time for the verdict. Kolade Benson stared long and hard at me and laughed. "Can I ask for a favor?" .Without waiting for my reply, he continued "I love you but Christ loves you more.. Tana,forgive yourself.. Christ has forgiven you and if he has, I have nothing against you... Those things were done in ignorance.. Please, T"
         It sounded too good to be true. I held my face in my hands as I sank to the floor to  plead for forgiveness for my ignorance and foolishness. I had neglected his love for too long. Although, I had given my life to him, I had not given him the chance to show me what his love really is.

           It was amazing as I stared at the miracle I held in my hands. I never thought God could love me to this extent. I now look back at my past with the hope that better things are ahead. My life of ruthless living, lesbianism, fornication, alcoholism and drugs were all forgiven. He took me into his rehab of love and worked on me. I smiled as my baby gave me the biggest smile. My tears flowed endlessly as I hugged her,never ceasing to thank God for his gift of love.
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