THE RIGHT FOOT - By Obianke Tory


         The Right Foot
          I jumped up in fright as Zibah flung the door wide open and entered inside. Hephzibah and I scaled through camp together and was posted to the same place for our primary assignment. Luckily for us, we had known each other for decades, so, she practically knew me inside out. We were three that stayed together, I, Zibah and Kikelomo. We had become prayer partners as well as best friends and colleagues. It was Saturday, Zibah had volunteered to go to the market as we had ran out of food stuffs while Kike said she had to see the fellowship president. I on the other hand, decided to sit tight at home reading until I was interrupted. I ran to the door to see if she was being pursued but the compound was quiet as usual. I closed the door and sat beside Zibah who was sitting on the bed with her back to the wall. I placed my hand on her lap and soothed her. "Zibah dear, what happened? Did someone die? Oh my God, is Uncle Bode sick again? " Zibah just sat and stared at me. It was exactly five minutes since I started my interrogation when Kike came in. She was also not in a good mood as she walked straight to the kitchen to drop the things she bought and came back to lie down. "Okay, please, you girls should talk to me, anybody, it's obvious   Kike knows what is happening, Kike, what's wrong? I've gotten no where with Zibah ".Kike sat up, ready to talk. If there was anything I learnt from Kike, it was "say it and let it go ". She didn't hang on to bad news for long. Zibah was the emotional one,she cried for every news, good or bad. "Nikki, Kelvin had an accident this morning, a terrible one. The other passengers died on the spot but he broke his spinal cord and the doctors report says that he won't be able to walk again ". "The devil is a liar and that doctor is just acting based on medical analysis ". I was already on my feet with my Bible in my hand. If there was something I believed in, it was the fact that 'prayer solves everything '. "Nikki, what are you doing? " "Zibah, cover your hair, Kike, we want to pray, je ka gbadura ". The girls scrambled to their feet as we joined hands together. We worshipped God and in our state of helplessness,the prescence of God filled the house and soon we weren't standing anymore but lying flat blasting in tongues and expressing their gratitude.
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[29/09 7:49 pm]
            Kelvin Carter, my fiance is an engineer. We met on an outreach I was invited to. At first sight, I was attracted beyond words and was so annoyed I did. The guy had ego. Yes, he was used by God but I didn't like the way he interacted. Throughout the camp, our relationship was like that of fire and ice. He was always trying to calm me down. Soon, I wanted nothing to do with him as I was already head over heels in love with him. Anyways, who wouldn't be? The guy was fine and gifted even though he was devoid of some basic morals. I became confused as I was out of ideas of what to do with him. It was at this point I knew I had to stop running and face the truth. On the night of my convocation,Carter proposed and nothing in the world would have stopped me from answering in the positive. This same Kelvin was on some hospital bed with a doctor's report that says he's not going to walk again. "Bawo? How na?".I didn't realize that I had talked out loud. "Nikki, you have to take things easy,this is a test of your faith,it will pass "
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[30/09 2:22 pm] Continuation... Tory✍🏽✍🏽
         It was a rough period. Last week, mum had called to ask where God was looking when Kelvin got the accident and if I was ready to have a future with a man who will be a liability. I was shattered but I had to reply her that it was the same place he was looking at when his only begotten son was tortured and finally died,the same place he was looking at when Job was afflicted. God strengthened me beyond my expectation. Against all odds, my love for Kelvin Carter grew stronger and deeper.
         The visit was successful. I had gone to the hospital with my friends to see his condition. At this time, he had been given a wheelchair to enable him move around. The doctors were contemplating on discharging him soon and advised his parents to employ the service of a physiotherapist. They talked about the physical but I saw into the spiritual. At the hospital, I and my friends tried our best to lighten the situation. I needed to prove to Kelvin that nothing, no situation can make me stop loving him. We took turns in moving him round the hospital environment in his wheelchair. We had a wonderful time with him to the amazement of his parents who called me aside privately to thank me and for not acting otherwise.

     The End...
        I stepped into the church gloriously and feeling beautiful as I locked my eyes with the most handsome man I had fallen in love with. He was dressed in a turquoise blue three piece suit. He looked marvelous even on the wheelchair. Nothing and no-one would have made this day more wonderful. We had sailed the storm together and had built up a stronger love and trust in each other. Kelvin Carter whispered into my ears jolting me back to realize that I had gotten to where he was standing, "what are you doing? Thinking again?". I smiled as I whispered back, "You! I love you ". He gave me the most amazing smile I've ever seen and whispered, "I can never stop loving you, after today,there may be times when things don't seem to be perfect but I can assure you that you are perfect for me and a woman of rare virtue".
          It was as if the time stopped. I had just taken my marriage vows to love and cherish Carter till death do us part when the most amazing miracles I have ever witnessed happened. Kelvin Carter was on his knees proclaiming his undying love for me and to think that wasn't enough, he stood up on his feet and held my hands. I didn't realize that I had been crying. The church was screaming praises to God.
         "Till death do us part, Nikki Carter ". I burst into laughter and replied "Till death do us part, Mr Kelvin Carter ".
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