THE PERFECT MATCH- by Obianke Victory

[24/09 2:08 pm]

           'Oh Lord, I'm not trying to carnal or ungrateful, but of all the sisters in the Lord's vineyard, you gift me this?... Your ways and thoughts are indeed higher than mine.. Oh Lord,we'll have to work this through.. Can't you see her?.. She's Isaiah 53 verse 2,no beauty...
         Kelvin kept on and on with his Bible opened before him. Clearly, his fantasies and daydreams were falling down just like the walls of Jericho did.
(Are you better than her?? not look on the outward but inward.. ' is vain, but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised. '
        'Bro Kelvin ' as he is called by his church members is a zealous brother, handsome, and the choirmaster of the Lord's Vineyard. Kelvin is a graduate from one of the prestigious universities in the country. Upon graduation, his father had offered him a job to head one of the family's enterprise but he politely rejected the offer saying that he needed to find his own path. It's been a year and six months, but he hasn't found anything. Recently, he started lecturing secondary school students, preparing them for external exams. His present problem is the latest instruction  he got from God that it is time. All through the last year he spent in the University, he had often fantasized his future partner to be a tall, slim, nicely shaped belle but God had other plans for him. Actually, bro Kelvin has heard from God concerning the identity of his partner but his flesh would not allow him to make peace with his spirit.
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[24/09 2:08 pm] Continuation...
          This is not the first interview nor the fifth that he had attended, yet, he was more nervous now. He had prayed more than usual today and dressed his best. As soon as he entered into the University, his heart. This is it! He quickly walked through the walkway nodding to greetings but not giving any. He was tensed. It was exactly 2pm when he got there,the secretary told him he was a bit too early but he grinned and said it was no trouble. It seemed like eternity. It was 2;50pm when he felt like releasing his bowels. He quickly rushed to the restroom.
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[24/09 2:08 pm]

Beulah walked into her office with her secretary,Wuraola on her heels. As she settled in, she bowed her head for five minutes and looked up at her secretary who had been watching her. This was her tradition, praying for five minutes when she gets to the office and ten minutes before she leaves the office

Beulah Carter was appointed as the editor of the State University some months back and has been dedicated to her job. 'Yes, Wuraola Coker, how may I help you? '.Wura sighed, she loved her boss but she wonders if the woman even eats. All those money and she doesn't look it. She was jolted back to the present by Beulah's coughing.'I'm very sorry ma,your schedule for the day, you have a meeting with the vice chancellor by 12pm and an interview by 3pm and you need to review the school's bulletin, that's all for today '' 'Thank you Wura, and you look fascinating as always ', Wura smiled and muttered a 'thank you ma'am ' as she left.


        Wuraola collected the briefcase from Tom, the driver and followed her boss into the office."How  was the meeting ma?" Beulah smiled as she settled into her chair. "God took control and thank you for, where's the person? "
"Oh, I'll get him ma" she said and walked out.
         Kelvin came in from the restroom and sat down wondering where the boss had gone to forgetting that she has an appointment. He could imagine a lousy, overfed with no manners lady sitting behind a table and giving him that "I-am-the-boss's" look. There's nothing he hated more than a lady being head over him. Anyways, if this is where God wants him to be, who is he to object?. He stood up as he saw the secretary walk towards him, she was a beautiful lady with a fabulous dress sense. God! Those heels. He wondered what the boss would look like... She cut into his thoughts, telling him that the boss was ready to see him.
        The walk to the office was the longest walk he had ever taken. With each and every step, he wondered what the outcome would be.
          As the door opened and closed, Beulah heard a muffled "Good afternoon ma'am". Oh, another male who thinks a woman's place is in the kitchen. She could detect it. But why is it so hard to believe that a woman has a purpose to fulfill as well. She dropped her pen and looked up at him.
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        Kelvin would have given nothing else right now to get the same fate as Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. He was ashamed of himself. Should he run? Should he sit? Could she see that his legs were shaking? Oh Lord, why? If this is how you want to teach me, I think I've learnt a lot.
         Beulah couldn't believe her eyes. The 'show -off choirmaster was standing in front of her. Hmm! So he had no job. She didn't hate him but there's something about him that she couldn't pin her finger on. "Mr Kelvin, you may have your seat".
           Kelvin was jolted back to the present by her voice. "Oh, I'm sorry " he finally found his voice and sat down.
           He wasn't sure he had heard anything she said but he had surely heard the last words that said he should collect his appointment letter from the desk of the secretary. He could pray for a place in Heaven right now.
         "Lord, just take me ". Kelvin had gotten home for over two hours now but was still sitting on the floor in his kitchen with a plate of rice beside him untouched. His ego had been dealt with. Now, he wouldn't be dealing with the Isaiah 53 sister but his boss. What would tell his children? How would he introduce her to his friends? Jesus! He stood up, picked up his house key and left for his pastor's house.
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The End
      Beulah was so tired that she forgot to eat. She had to prepare for work in the morning. Aside sleep, something else was eating her up. It's time for her to share her life with someone else but she just didn't know who that someone is. One thing she knew for sure was that she had an assurance that God will perfect everything in his own time.
       The Pastor had laughed all through while he was telling his story. He had been offended but he had left there relieved and ready to take an action: one that would change his life forever. He didn't care what anybody would think.

       Beulah closed her laptop and looked at her husband who had been watching her.Here she was, the girl with no family background. He was indeed the perfect husband. How she had said 'yes' to his proposal is still a mystery. "So,when are we going to read that? ". He loved her just as much as she loved him. He had gone through hell for her. His friends had mocked him, his family had cut him through verbally but now he looked back without regret knowing she was worth the struggle.She had filled out in all the right places and was now Psalm 1,"...a tree planted by the rivers of water.. "
          Two days before their wedding, he had received a compensation for his obedience. He was called by a big firm to be the managing director, one he had taken an interview for a long time ago that bore no fruit.

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