MORE USEFUL (a new generation story)

Inside a classroom

(Paul is reading and seriously operating his phone at the same time
James walks in…)
James: (taps paul who is smiling at his phone) Paul, Paul…
Paul:   (Shocked) yes! Yes! Man of God, how far now
James: so this is the group discussion you came for
Paul: oh! Come on man, the group discussion ended some minutes ago, so I decided to do my personal reading.
James: and is this your personal reading?
Paul: guy, I tire for book jor, I cant wait to graduate ( laughs hysterically still  looking at his phone)
James: since you are not doing anything, why not join me and the follow up team, lets go and visit  some of our fellowship members
Paul: (looks at James) guy I don tell you, na book I come read for school , am here to read my books, make good grades and get out so I don’t have time for religious activities okay!
 (Paul drops his phone , he begins to read)
James: its okay I wish you all the best
James leaves and Paul goes back to operating his phone.

                                                       Cuts to
Cool evening
(In A small restaurant
Paul, two ladies and  a guy are seen chatting and partying
Different bottles of drink are seen on the table including beer
Paul opens a beer bottle and pours it, other do same.)

Paul: finally we are graduates, five years is gone just like that, five year of hard labour, hard work is an understatement, five years nor be moi moi, no be beans, lets have a toast. Cheers to better ahead
All three: cheers
They drink

                                                                        Cuts to
Same evening
(In Paul and James room James is seen using his reading table
A bible is lying opened in front of James. James writes into a jotter
Paul staggers in and tries to sit down on the low bed he almost missed the bed
James looks at him troubled.)

James: you are drunk again! Ever since we  wrote our last paper Paul, you have been drinking, why?
Paul: I have been celebrating not drinking
James: but you are drunk and frankly speaking I do not think that this is even the time to  celebrate, yes! I think that this is the time to seek God and finalize the plans for the journey ahead
Paul: (drunk) what else, in few weeks time I will be a certified engineer so what else
James: Paul you still need God to guide you on the next step to take in life
Paul: Mr James I know I am not a saint like you, but trust me my future is bright.
James: (smiles) alright, I wish you all the best. God help us all

       Paul begins to snore loudly before James finishes is sentences.

                                                   Cuts to

(In a very spacious but concise office like a conference room or meeting room
Two men and one woman are sitting directly opposite James
They are officially dressed).

MAN 1: Mr James Effiong upon receipt of your application we were very happy, notwithstanding the fact that our foundation has been reluctant in sending fresh graduates  because many a times they go about pursuing their dreams leaving the work of God to suffer, nevertheless we have decided to employ you (smiles)

MAN 2:  you applied to go to Ghana  but considering the fact that you studied Electrical Electronics Engineering we decided to send you else where. A country like China will be perfect for someone like you. Seeing that you will not just be there on assignment but you will also be useful to their economy. Personally I am very happy because I believe you are competent.

James: (cuts in) please sir I don’t understand, throw more light on it.

WOMAN 3: Mr James we are trying to say that that considering your skill, your exceptional academic performance and how you have made yourself exceptional our foundation have decided to send you to China instead of Ghana

James: (amazed) I… am going to China!
MAN 1 : yes Mr James , you will live and work in china while carrying out your assignment, we still have a lot to put in place, so lets say in two months time you should be in china, but don’t forget Mr James the major  reason why we are sending you there is to win souls.
James: thank you sir! Thank you ma! Thank you, thank you Jesus!

James runs out happily.

                                                            Cuts to
(In a nice small office
A lady sits by her office table while Mr Paul sits directly opposite her
The lady is calm and considerate, Mr Paul is not easy).

Lady: Mr Paul we have reviewed your application as you pleaded however the reason why the board is reluctant in giving you this job is not because you did not perform well during the screening exercise but because this company employs fresh graduates with first class/distinction or second class upper/upper credit. If you have less than that then you must show that you have at least five years working experience added to your certificate and you did not meet this requirement.

Paul: please ma, help me, I just got married
Lady: I am sorry, I can't do more than this
Paul: (emotional) I need a better job, please ma!
Lady: Mr Paul, I cannot help you, you just have to meet this requirement and maybe apply again.

Paul stands up and walks out, feeling disappointed.

                                                                   Cuts to

(Campus pastor office
Paul walks in not too happy
Pastor is  excited to see paul)

Pastor: Bro Paul, its nice seeing you in my office, after such a long time, how are you, how is life, how is your wife and daughter
Paul: good morning pastor   (he sits down)
Pastor: how is life
Paul: we thank God
Pastor: you look down, I hope you are okay, when last did you not hear from your roommate brother James
Paul: its been a longtime
Pastor: so you are not aware that he is now in China
Paul: (amazed) China! (inquisitive) doing what?
Pastor:  he works as an engineer in a company in china, the best part is that he is also a missionary few days ago he called me testifying that he will soon be getting married, which means that we should get ready celebrate!
Paul: hmmmm brother James, brother James
Pastor: (notices his countenance)brother paul are you okay
Paul: pastor I am not okay, look at bro james we graduated together, see how useful he has become in the society but look at me, I work three job yet I am not financially stable. I feel very useless, I don’t know what to do. Infact I am tired
Pastor: come on brother paul, in times like this you should begin to ask yourself some critical questions. You know few year ago when you were here when I was trying to pacify you to join the workforce I told that those who walk with God becomes more useful not just to God and his service but useful to society, useful to humanity, and the world in  general.
Do you know why?  Because he grooms them and personally guides them along life’s journey until they become relevant, more useful and VIP's,very important persons.
Brother Paul its never too late, you can make amends and you will see that when you begin to walk with God and work for him he will take control of the situations around you. Let us pray

(Pastor stretched out his hands and paul holds it and they begin to pray.)

BIBLE VERSE. Psalm 37 vs 25  KJV
“ I have been young, and am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging


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