(on a cool evening Rita is seen  at the campus entrance  full of smiles  as she approach Styler) 
Rita: am I late?
Styler: (Checks his time)  you're right on time
Rita: great so what do you have  for me? 
Styler: Alright babe let's do this. (they walk away chatting happily) 

Rita: what's up Susan 
Susan: am good but I didn't see you at the Monday Bible study today 
Rita: Oh my God today is Monday!  Am so sorry maybe next time
Susan: the last time you said next time. Don't forget that now is the time to honour God the Bible says remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth... 
Rita: when the evil days come not when thou shall say I have no pleasure in them, you see  I know the Bible too. 
Susan: am glad you know the Bible but there's more to it. 
Rita: Sister Susan don't  worry about me I'll be in fellowship soon
Susan: soon? How soon? 
Rita: I'll be at the  wens day meeting.  Okay?
Susan: alright if you say so see you there. (she leaves) 
Rita: (takes a deep breathe)  all these fellowshipers, whatever! 

(after church service) 
Tim: hello sister Susana  how was service today? 
Susan: Bro Tim twas great 
Tim: So what's your take home? 
Susan: I learnt a lot about sowing and reaping 
Tim: that's great, haven't seen  your friend Amrita  for some time now. 
Susan: yes, have been talking to her she promised to be here today I guess something came up. 
Tim: alright say hi to her for me
Susan: I will (in thought) Rita! 

(Rita walking fast towards her hostel) Susan: Rita wait! 
Rita: (stops) am in a hurry, I have an appointment to meet up with so say whatever you want to say
Susan: I didn't see you again as promised 
Rita: don't you get it, am done with fellowship, I mean is it by force? 
Susan: you're done with God? Rita don't walk away from the presence and protection of God for the pleasures of this world are  but for a moment. 
Rita: sister Susan the preacher am  familiar with those passages  you  keep quoting because I read my Bible and shouldn't serving God be willing so why should I be forced. Have chosen to be myself and not to carry Christianity on my head trust me I won't regret it. 
(she walks away) 

(Rita walked into the bar  faced with the reality of the rumour she had heard) 
Rita: Styler what's going on here  and who the hell is she (pointing to Cassandra) 
Sandra: don't you dare run your mouth here okay. 
Styler: (without remorse) as you can see am with Cassandra now, I told you it's over. 
Rita: you don't mean it  (angrily) and you won't try it
Sandra: (mockingly) didn't you hear that its over. get out
Rita: (giving her a dirty slap)  don't ever talk to me like that again  cheap brat 
  (Rita rushes out in  anger) 

(Rita sits on chair in her room sobbing Susan walks in) 
Susan: what's wrong haven't seen you in weeks so I decided to Come by. 
Rita: Am okay, am good
Susan: no you're not, you don't look good at all, what happened. 
Rita: (fakes a smile) nothing am fine
Susan: Rita truth be told Susan you look hear broken and I heard you' ve been going out with that skyler guy, did he throw you out? 
Rita: No
Susan: are you sure or he left you? 
Rita: I said No (burst into tears) 
Susan: Or he turned you down because few months ago he sent Nathasia away  and  two weeks ago it was Kim
Rita: now am getting pissed of who the hell is Nathasia  and Kim
Susan: his girlfriends I guess
Rita: shit am going to rip his heart  off
Susan: no you won't,  I mean look at you, you don't even have the right to do that
Rita: what do you mean  I don't have the right? 
Susan: Yeah Rita for the 6months you've been on this campus you only attended fellowship once  and  since then you have turned down every offer from christ... 
Rita: Are we still talking about  my coming to fellowship I thought we settled that already. 
Susan: (ignoring her) I tried to warn you  since you are new and  you don't know how JJC's like you are prey in the hands of young men round here but you ignored my warnings, you walked out on christ and right now he's weeping for you just like you're weeping now. 
Now you know what it feels like to get turned down. 
JESUS is knocking at the door of your heart hoping you will let him in  don't turn him down this time around. Today is Friday see you at the Friday prayer meeting. 
JESUS loves you. 

Written by 
Abotu Goodnews Goodie
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