#The Heiress

(Juliet and James danced majestically into the party arena dressed in their royal attire, the party had just began and they were keen on welcoming the guest, the drums rolled and the trumpeters raised their pitch, the praise singers were not left out).

Praise singers: daughter of the king, the crowned prince, the seed of royalty, the right eyes of our king his royal majesty Oba awon oba, Oba Arugbo ojo. Oba Gbobo aye Welcome dance freely to our tune your father owns the land.

Juliet: (dancing gorgeously) it feels good to be highly honoured seeing that we were adopted into his kingdom, I can't wait for the arrival of the king.

Joseph: I don't think the king will be here anytime soon, let's move around and greet some more guest.

Juliet: the king has not yet arrived, I wonder what is keeping him and some of guest are already taking their leave. Besides why are the drummers and praise singers suddenly at the south wing shouldn't they be here singing the praises of our king.

(James runs in he had been away)
James: there is an uproar going on at the south wing of the arena some of the notable elders are passing out rumours that the king is incapacitated and as such would not be able to come for the grand party or carry out his duty.

Juliet: (surprised) are you trying to say that the king will soon be overthrowned? The newsman announced that he is on his way from the battle front and the kingdoms of this earth have been overthrowned by my father, he reigns from north to south and from east to west, his kingdom knows no end.

James: (getting impatient) The sound of the drums over there have increased, you know am the crowned prince, I may be asked to replace him.

Juliet: (surprised) what did you just say? Oba Gbogbo Aye is irreplaceable and no one can dethrone him, you've seen how those infidels were judged, do not go against the king.

(The sound of the drums beating close to them interrupts their conversation Tola a very saucy lady dressed in gorgeous attire and lovely Jeweries begins to address the prince and princess in a rash tone)

Tola: So you are the ones, the ones whose father is no where to be found the one whose father's kingdom will soon be overthrowned, the elders sent me to you.

Juliet: Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing the kings of the earth had taken counsel but my father shall have them in derision.

Tola: Look at you, your father owns the land right? Then why are you so shabby and fragile, where is your royal elegance and pride.

Juliet: (looking at her attire) Shabby and fragile? These are the royal attire which he has placed on me, The garment of his righteousness and humility.I am clothed with royalty.

Tola: royalty my foot! Awa ni Omo aye (we are the children of the world) Proud as the peacock, strong and vengeful. You better join us so that when the kingdom is finally divided by the elders you will have a share.

James: I am the crown Prince, I want a share in my fathers kingdom, I will go with you.

Juliet: My father is the Oba awon oba, he reigns over all is kingdom knows no end so It's obvious you have nothing to share.

(Tola leaves with the group and James follows Juliet and begins to sing the praise of her father).

Juliet: Oba awon Oba, Oba Gbogbo Aye, the one who sits upon the throne, the mighty man in battle delay no further, come and proove yourself.
( She is distracted by new sound of loud drums and trumpets every one is busy dancing)

Voices: Kabiyesi Oo.

Kabiyesi: I know your works, your ways and the things which are set to do, how well you have behaved yourself in my absence, you shall receive your just reward.
        (pause and look around)
I have conquered the kingdom beyond the north and south coast and I shall entrust it to one of you.
Before you were my adopted daughter but today your become an heir to my throne, Juliet Omo oba come forward from today you shall join me to rule this people

Juliet: (surprised) Kabiyesi ooo

Kabiyesi: Guards take the rest of them to the dungeon including the crown prince James keep them there till I decide what to do with them.

(Weeping and wailings).
Light out

MAtthew 25: 36
"His lord said into him, well done, good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"

written by Abotu Goodnews Goodie
Edited by Obianke Victory

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