(Mr Adeniyi paced up and down the hospital, you could hear his heartbeat from a distance and the streams of sweat flowing from his head, chin and arms was something to take cognizance of,  his shirt was completely soaked in sweat. He finally leaned against the wall and begin to mutter some words which sounded like prayers)

Doctor : (tapping him on the shoulder) Mr Adeniyi follow me to my office.
Mr Adeniyi: Sir! you said?
Doctor: kindly follow me to my office we need to talk. (Doctor's office)
Mr Adeniyi: Doctor, what is the state of things right now?
Doctor: (ignoring his question) did you say that lady is your wife.
Mr Adeniyi: Yes doctor
Doctor: you mean she is your real wife?
Mr Adeniyi: Doctor what do you mean by real wife, she is my wife the mother of my son.
Doctor: then it means you are responsible for the coloured designs on her body.
Mr Adeniyi: Doctor that's not what's important now, the important thing right now is if she is going
 to survive, I know I made...
Doctor: (cuts in) a mistake right? how on earth do you treat your wife like a rotten yam and call it a
 mistake.How how.. did you marry her and for how long have you been married.
Mr Adeniyi: we have been married for a year ..... and 7 months, we met in church and
 God spoke to me that she is my wife.
Doctor: God spoke to you! (surprised) Okay is he still speaking to you?
Mr Adeniyi: I don't know, I have done terrible things in the last few months.
Doctor:  Its obvious He is no longer speaking to you, your wife is in terrible condition she has 
 sustained a fresh injury on a deep scar coupled  with other minor injuries on her body,
 seems like she might have gotten them from a very sharp object. She is losing
 blood and we are still trying to cover up  the wounds. No matter what she has done to you, she
 does not deserve this . When you said God spoke to you it made me assume you are a christian.           So go back to God and make sure he starts speaking to you again.

   ISAIAH 55:7
" let the wicked forsake his ways and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the lord and he will have mercy upon him, and to our God for he will abundantly pardon"

Written by Abotu Goodnews Goodie
Edited by Obianke victory.

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