MODERN LIES 1. Overated

                                  OVERRATED. (Screenplay)

  (Jane is improperly dressed in a T shirt, Jean skirt and face cap, she is also sweating because she had been under the sun for a longtime. She approches Emeka who is trying to put a call through to someone).

Jane: Hi my name is Jane, James Jane.

Emeka: (looks at her still pressing his phone) James Jane, are you a native of England, anyway I am Emeka, how may I help you.

Jane: Am an author, I write non-fictions

Emeka: Is that so? (Still focused on his phone)

Jane: are you online?
Emeka: of course! Who is not online in this modern era

Jane:  okay, I am Jany James on Instagram and James Jane on Facebook, you should follow me, I interact with my friends and I just put up this new book, I have some hard copies here in case you want to see it.(checking her bag)

Emeka: wait! Book, do people still read hard copy books? What's the title? Is it online?

Jane: yes it's online, the title is MY STORY IN 500 PAGES. It really popular online I have received a lot of online  reviews in fact I have over 50,000 copies sold.....Online.

Emeka: 50,000 copies sold online! Eh! How much did you sell it?

Jane: (hesitatingly) #500naira only.

Emeka: (brings out a calculator from his bag which has been lying by his side) 500 x 50,000 naira. 250,000naira. No, no 2.500,000million naira. (Shocked) yeah! you have made 2.5million naira And your life is still like this (looking at her clearly)

Jane: am not really the proud type.

Emeka: shut up! You have 2.5million naira online from selling book, in which of the online so I can come and join too I have book for sale, Liar, will you get out of here my friend!.

  Honesty is a virtue that leaves you at peace with God,man and yourself. If the true state of things is not worth revealing then work on it. Till it's worth revealing.