MODERN LIES 2. Phonetravel.

PHONETRAVEL (Screenplay)

  (Tina Is sitted inside her room counting naira notes, an ATM card is lying on the table, she is also eating while she receives a call from Bros who is not too far from her house).

Tina: Bros is very rich sha, and he will be wearing one, one, shirt. (Her phone begins to ring) eh! Eh! ,(exclamation) Na Bros oh, what am I going to say now. Hello, Bros..

Bros: (speaker) Tina, Tina where are you, where is my money and my ATM card (shouting) emh! Tina

Tina: (Fake tears) Bros please calm down, I don beg you before, I don explain. Am not with your money or ATM card that night you gave me your ATM card to withdraw for you, on way back I was robbed by one stupid area boy.

Bros: but you said you know him and you will get it back

Tina: yes! Yes! I have reported to the police and we have been looking for him, in fact we are still looking for him oh, in case you see him (trying not laugh).

Bros: you better find him Tina, because he just withdrew 100,000naira from my account some hours ago thank God I finally succeeded in blocking the card some minutes ago.

Tina: Yeah! (Exclaims) he withdraw 100k from the account, wahala oh! Wahala (fake sympathy)

Bros: am very close to your house (he is now outside behind her window) are you at home?.

Tina: ah! No oh Bros, I dey with police, dem say the boy don go Jos, so me and police we dey road dey go Jos.

Bros: Jos!

Tina: Yes oh! Na so we see am oh, the matter nor be small matter again.

Bros: Tina, you are on your way to Jos
Tina: Yes oh, Bros

Bros: (talking from her window) Is this your Jos?
 (Tina is shocked, she jumps from her chair and tries to hide)
Tina, come outside now. (shouting) Liar, thief. I will deal with you today.

The bible admonishes us to speak the truth at all times and to desist from covetousness
No matter how smart you are, someone is smarter than you.