Drama series 2

(Shola and Faith walked into the house where Bimbo has been for 10 months, the room was bare and this time around the bed was properly laid. The two girls turned to each other baffled at the sudden disappearance of Bimbo)

Shola: where could she have gone to?
faith:   I think we should look around she might be in another room
shola: I hope its not what am thinking?
Faith:  please don't think anything yet, let's look for her.
(the two girls looked around the house but Bimbo was no where to be found)
Shola: where could she gone to in her state (worried)
Faith: (from the backyard) Shola, come and see what I found. God have mercy .
Shola: (reading the letter) don't look for me girls, tell mum and dad am sorry for wasting their time and money.(shola begins to sobs queitly)

(Mr Roland sitting outside his house on a wooden chair was disturbed by an usual sound coming from the woods right behind is house)
Mr Roland: Who goes there? ( Mr Roland  reached for his gun and began to walk
 to the woods only to walk into Bimbo who was looking tired, haggard and salvaged)
Bimbo: I can see you are with a gun shoot me,please shoot me nobody will see you.
Mr Roland: who are you and what are doing here by this time, didn't you read  the sign, this place is dangerous and off limits.
Bimbo: What sign, it doesn't matter am dangerous and off limits too.
 Shoot me and do it fast am tired of living and I guess today is my lucky day.
Mr Roland: I can see you are lost and  you need help let me help
 you find your way back.
 (Mr Roland moving his gun to his left hand reached for Bimbo and pulled her up)

(In Mr Roland's house, Bimbo sits by the fire staring at it like as If she imagined it was wide enough to consume her).
Bimbo: (Itching her head) I need a cigarette or something more
Mr Roland: I don't smoke and I see no reason why a young girl like you would do that.
Bimbo:  am an addict, I drink and I smoke  proper
Mr Roland: I can see I have another patient,You must be one of those rich kids  who come to the safe house in the woods to recover from addiction.
Bimbo: (reluctantly) yeah,yeah I took a overdose and I got out of control
so my parents brought me here,its been 10 months now.
Mr Roland: 10 months and you're still not clean, you are the 5th patient have rescued from the woods in 3 months and I must confess you are really entangled.
Bimbo: you are trying to say that you're some sort of doctor and you handle  people like me.
Mr Roland: You need something more than the safe house you need to be saved.
Bimbo: Don't tell me I need Jesus have heard about that a million Times
Mr Roland: you need Jesus. If you've heard a million times and you still don't have him.
Then it means you need to be told a million times more.
We inherited the nature of sin but we can choose not to nuture it but you'll only find the power to overcome when you accept and believe in the saving power of Christ.
He alone can root out this nature of self all by himself for he gave himself to abolish self.
The safe house is not enough you need to be saved.
I'll leave you to reflect call me when you make up your mind.

(Mr Roland stood up to take his leave but surprisingly was held back by Bimbo)
Bimbo: I'll do it, I'll do it  I always wished I never started out on this part, funny enough I don't have an excuse I had everything I wanted even those I don't need.I no longer want to be ENTANGLED
 I want to be saved.
Mr Roland: you have made the right decision daughter. Let's pray.

Written by Abotu Goodnews Goodie
Edited by Obianke Victory
Sponsored by New Generation