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 (Ann and Betty got off the car)
 (Ann and Betty walked into Ken's house, Ann had come all the way from the next town to visit Betty her twin sister but had to meet her up at Ken's parents house, they later drove home and she was very impressed with the warm reception and lovely view of their new home).
(Ken left the two ladies in the living room after offering them a drink)

Ann: whoa! This husband of yours really loves you
Betty: (smiles) yeah!
Ann: Betty you are a very lucky girl, look at you!
Betty: (smiles again) yeah yeah!
    (Ken walks in with his suit case)
Ken: Am sorry I won't be around during your stay , I just got this emergency business meeting I have to attend.
Ann: Okay! Thanks for your hospitality.
Ken: you are welcome, make yourself comfortable. (To Ann) and my dear, take good care of your sister for me.
Ann: I will (they see him off to the car)
Ann/Betty: Bye safe journey.

Scene 2
(Hair saloon)
(Ann and Betty sits in the saloon, Ann watched Betty who was getting a new hair do)
Betty: (to Ann) I think I should also fix my nails then we'll go to the super market together.
Ann: (surprised) Betty you made your hair the day before yesterday, you fixed your nails yesterday and we are just coming back from the supermarket and here we are again going over the routine again.
Betty: I just love changing my nails and hair as often as I can.
Ann: Whoa! Your husband is really spending on you. I envy you oh. Am just praying that God will give me my own rich husband. Hmm
Betty: (looks at her) you're funny, you are my only sister and every I have is yours
Ann: Is that so, that's nice. (They laugh over it)

Scene 3
(Inside ken and Betty's house Betty is ready to go out)
Ann: you are going out today again? Ah can't you stay indoor for once, everything you need is inside the house, you have everything you need
Betty: no I can't stay indoors alone, I need to go out
Ann: alone! You are not alone , I am here
Betty: Ann let's go, you will not understand.
Ann: I am your only sister, what do you have to say that I will not understand. Let's stay indoors today, we have been going out since I came .
Betty: (seriously) Ann let's go out (emotional) Ann let's go out.
Ann: what's inside this fine house that you are running away from, don't worry I am here

  (Sudden voices of children)
Betty: No no (holding her head) Ann let's go out (she tries to stand up)
Ann: (scared) what is it ?
Betty:  I hear voices, I hear voices of children crying, in every room and every corner of this house, and I don't know why? (Crying) (holding her head) No
Ann: (not hearing the voices) Voices of children, I can't hear anything Betty (holding her)
Betty: (looking at her sister) Ann I am not happy, I am worried, I am tired of this marriage , I don't trust my husband, I don't understand his work life, he travels every two weeks and comes back home with so much money, we are swimming in money but I don't know were it's coming from. To make things worse since we moved into this house, every afternoon I hear voices, I know I am not crazy, I hear voices of children from every nook and cranny of this house.
Ann: (sympathetic) Have you told your husband. Have you pray about it?
Betty: the spiritual atmosphere of this house is not friendly, my husband,will he say anything, didn't you notice that he has become a man of few words, I don't know my husband anymore, something is not right.
Ann: hmmm and I was thinking you are enjoying
Betty: If this is enjoyment then I choose to suffer.
Ann: we'll pray about it, don't worry things will get better.

      (The voices of children comes up for Betty and she holds her head this time around sitting on the floor, Ann joins her sympathetically)

Proverbs 15:16
"Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasures and troubles therewith"

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