(Genre: Christian Drama.  Main Screenplay)


(Jane's house)
(Jane is seen sitting by the table, she pours the content of a bottle into a cup this was the third time she drank the mixture in 12hours contrary to prescription.)

Jane: (in thought) oh God! What have I gotten into (She feels a slight pain and holds her stomach. She jumps up and checks her gown from behind) Oh! no! (Disappointed) this is the 10th time am taking this mixture In two days and this pregnancy is not coming down.  God. No no no! and I was fasting, I was fasting!  (She begin to sobb) .

(Eunice walks in carrying her hand bag with some books in her hands, she notices Jane, drops her things and sits close to her)

Eunice: are you okay? Sister Jane what is the matter? Why are you crying, (she noticed the mixture in the bottle) you're not feeling well? Talk to me.
Jane:   Eunice am dead!
Eunice: God forbid! You're not dead, what is it?
Jane: I am... One month pregnant.
Eunice: sister Jane, you're pregnant? It's a lie (Jane tries to smile)
Jane: am pregnant for...Brother Isaac (she sobbs) oh God!
Eunice: (shocked) Bro Isaac! the prayer team leader, are you sure of what you are saying, Bro Isaac of all people I don't even know what to say! How? When? Why? (She sits thinking deeply).

            TWO MONTHS AGO.
Scene 2
(Inside the church)
( a prayer team meeting of 8 members including Bro Isaac and sister Jane is seen praying, Bro Isaac leads the prayer, calling prayer points and speaking in tongues more often)

(After the prayers, the rest members leaves while Jane approaches Bro Isaac)

Jane: Good evening sir.
Isaac: sister Jane. Good evening, how are you, pls sit down.
Jane: Thank you sir!
Isaac: I hope there's no problem.?
Jane: nothing much sir, just that recently I started seeing my late grand mother in my dreams giving me instructions which I do not understand.
Isaac: God will not allow you to understand.. That is demonic manipulation by destiny destroyers through dreams. We need to pray.
Jane: Yes sir!
Isaac: After every prayer meeting We are going to pray for extra one hour, however next week prayer meeting will be a special prayer meeting for you, you are going to fast. You will only  break this fast after your one hour extra prayer. There is nothing prayer cannot do.
Jane: okay sir! I will do just that. Thank you sir.
             (She leaves)

Scene 3
(Bro Isaac is seen praying for sister jane, after the prayer they moved outside together).

Isaac: so what are you breaking your fast with?
Jane: (smiles) I will drink water and when I get home I will cook something
Isaac: no, no, you can't break your fast with water, don't worry my house is just a stone throw from here and I have stew, you can cook rice and eat something before going home.
Jane: so you can cook stew? I taught prayer was your only food ( jokingly)
Isaac: really! So those who pray don't eat?
Jane: Thanks for the offer, I will really love to  taste this  anointed stew of yours but I think going home will be better.
Isaac: (insisting) the time 6:32 (checking his time) and you have not eaten since morning, look at you, you are waving, you cannot even walk. Come on!
Jane: okay!
         (They walk together to his house).

Scene 4
(Back in Jane's house)
Same evening.
( Jane is still sobbing while Eunice looks at her in shock)
Eunice: just like that, so the anointed food got you pregnant or what! Or did he drug you?
Jane: No! I was still fasting, I remember I was in in the kitchen cooking the rice.....I did not even eat the rice,... because I woke up in the bedroom an hour later and the whole house was covered with smoke and the smell of burnt rice... (Crying).
Eunice: Jane! Why! But the both of you just finished praying.
Jane: Eunice, the prayer was on dream manipulation not victory over temptation.
Eunice: and is that your excuse! but you said this happened two months ago! How come you are one month pregnant.
Jane: The Sunday after the incident, Bro Isaac met me after church and he said we should look at the incident from a different perspective and he suggested we should meet up one hour before the next prayer meeting to pray a corporate prayer of forgiveness. Which actually did not.... hold....because....

Eunice: it happened again! You went  back there for corporate prayer of forgiveness you say, it's like going back to an Island filled with cobra's just because you forgot your wrist watch. Can't you ask God for forgiveness by your self. Jane what were you thinking!.

Jane: it actually became a norm I will go to his house before the prayer meeting and he would leave me in his house and go early to pray before the prayer meeting.

Eunice: (confused) to pray about what! So you both roll on bed of fornication and go to prayer meeting afterward, prayer meeting! (emphatically) and the key fornicator leads the key prayer points and on Sunday he comes to church, steps on the pulpit and blasts in tongue from beginning to the end and you,  Jane you cannot even withdraw. Are you joking with God, don't you fear God?.
(Angrily) I hope he is aware of this pregnancy.

Jane: yes! Last when I discovered, I started taking pills because I knew...
Eunice: you tried to commit murder. Jane!
Jane: when I told him he immediately suggested evacuation, I told him that I was not ready to subject my self to the painful process of evacuation and that I have been taking pills and concoctions but the pregnancy is still there. He later took me to a herbal medicine shop were we got this mixture (pointing to the bottle) but I have been drinking this for two days and it's not working, the pregnancy is not coming down.

Eunice: (carrying the bottle) hmmmm (smiling) Jane! You are having this baby, this baby is not going anywhere, in fact  it is here to stay! And you cannot commit murder. The birth of this baby will serve as a reminder that we cannot joke with God and that we cannot roll on the bed of fornication and think that evacuation will save our face. The birth of this child will remind us that we cannot remove the element of watching, sobriety and vigilance that is attached to prayers.
I pray that the hand of God will hold this baby. Jane this anointed baby of yours must be born because his presence will teach us a lot of spiritual lessons.

      (The End)

      1Peter 5:8
"Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:..."

written by
Abotu Goodnews Goodie

Edited by
Obianke Chukwuyem Victory

Oghenerukevwe Maye
Omomedia Tracy.

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