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The pandemic Covid-19 is a poem written by Radio Analyst, columnist and coach Hontonnu Moses

So you've been praying for a miracle here are 5 signs that your miracle is on the way...

is a beautiful poem written by Moses
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His strength is made perfect in weakness
What is meant to leave you broken will make you brave.

God is unchanging in his nature and because he does not change, he cannot lie, his words are fixed from the foundations of the earth.
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2019 promises and Declarations ! God has promised the members of New Generation Community that This year will be remarkable, special and unique. So claim your promises and make your declarations they are for you..
Self expression and self discovery should go together. Vivian expresses how she has discovered herself.
Ignite your passion, chase your dreams even when they look old fashion,achievers never surrender.
Greatness lies in every man.
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The story of Tamar is one filled with many lesson for young women. O Tamar! Is a poetry piece written by Obianke Victory. Read here...

Look Inwards is a poetry piece that inspires young people to look at their inner abilities and gifts and take advantage of opportunities to make their dreams come true.